A How-To Guide for Lent Madness Voters

February 11, 2015
Scott Gunn

full mailboxAround this time of year, the Supreme Executive Inbox starts to fill with some version of "How do I play Lent Madness?" There are two options for answering this question. First, if you live in a pleasant place, such as Hawaii, the south of France, or a Caribbean resort, you can fly one or more members of the Supreme Executive Committee to your location for a personal tutorial. Second, if that sounds a bit extreme or if you can't quite afford the purple limo demanded by the SEC, you can just watch this video.

Yes, friends, Maple Anglican has helpfully provided a lovely video to explain all the DOs and DON'Ts of Lent Madness, including how to vote. Spend four minutes now and enjoy forty days of unfettered voting fun.

Maple AnglicanSpeaking of Maple Anglican, the Supreme Executive Committee was saddened to learn that the Archbishops will not be providing regular color (or colour) commentary this year, due to Maple's work demands. There may have also been some disputes with the Saints' Actors Guild, but those are just rumors.

The SEC is very grateful for Maple's many videos and for introducing the world to the delightful commentary of Archbishop John Chrysostom and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. We'll miss their regular contribution this year, and we hope for more in the future. If you see the mysterious Maple Anglican (which seems unlikely, since he is mysterious), thank him for his devotion to the cause of Lent Madness.

Voting begins the day after Ash Wednesday on Thursday, February 19th -- aka "Ash Thursday." The first matchup of Lent Madness 2015 between Gregory the Illuminator and Brendan the Navigator will be posted at 8:00 a.m. EST. In other words, please don't try to vote until then. It won't work!


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14 comments on “A How-To Guide for Lent Madness Voters”

  1. Bummed that the Bishops won't be back this year! But many thanks to Maple Anglican for past videos.... they were awesome!

  2. I will miss the Bishops and hope that Maple Anglican, the Clairvoyatron, and the divinely dynamic duo will return. Thanks for a clear and pleasant voter guide and here's hoping no one earns a one-way ticket to the Outer Darkness.

  3. "SUPPOSE to be fun" sorry- grammar police here. i can't help myself. i will miss the Bishops. oh no- no clairvoyatron? how will i be able to "do" LM without that? thank you, MA for all you did. maybe surprise us with just ONE video??

  4. Scott and Tim and the Maple Anglican, I noticed several errors in this video: namely the wrong tense in verbs. Supposed to be....not suppose to be. And accepted....not accept. It would please Jesus and God greatly if these could be corrected.


  5. We're aware of the grammar issues on Maple's video. We've been hearing about them for a couple of years now. In other words, "we've always done it that way." Also, you get what you pay for.

    1. Technical question as we prepare to use Lent Madness in our High School Sunday School class throughout Lent -- are the match-ups only on weekdays? (Can't remember from last year, but that seems right.)

  6. Every year I have one problem every time I vote. No matter how hard I try to constrain myself, I have a very hard time not clicking a peek at how the vote is going before casting my ballot. I would rreally like to see you make the vote tally unavailable to the voter until after a vote is cast.

  7. What teases you all are! Where/how/whe do we getmore info and order ability for the Ross saintly feastbook?

  8. I was listening to "How to Vote in Lenten Madness." I almost never watch videos on the computer, partly because I don't like digging out my headphones and neither do I feel comfortable filling the office with what I'm listening to. However, today my office mate said to me, "Please find a way to write to those people and thank them for some genuine laughs and chuckles!" Things at our end have been kind of stressed out lately, so your refreshing commentary has definitely been appreciated!

  9. I was wondering if there was a way for members of our congregation without internet access to vote? Someone may have mentioned that it was possible in our announcements without checking with the SEC.

  10. I'have to say my disappointment at this moment knows no bounds. I will miss the bishops Q & A sessions and their predictions. It is a sad day indeed. Their ability to transend time and space was phenominal. So educational.
    btw- I do not spell well or use correct grammer, I am just an ordinary christian attempting to serve the Lord and learn a few things along the way. I agree with Tim's statement of "you get what you pay for" Can I get an AMEN ?