Monday Madness -- February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015
Scott Gunn

In this week's episode of Monday Madness, Tim and Scott display a real Golden Halo miracle! You'll also get to hear their advice for people who are worked up about Lent Madness, but not in a good way. Perhaps you'll take what Scott and Tim say to heart and put it on a cross-stitch or one of those heart-warming motivational posters with a sunset in the background.

Sure, nothing on LentMadnessTV has ever won an Oscar, but that's just because our high production values would make Hollywood's efforts look puny by comparison. After all, have they ever captured an actual miracle on film?

If you're intrigued by the idea of wearing a purple Lent Madness T-Shirt, you can acquire your very own for fifteen bucks. Same deal for the Golden Halo Flying Disc, which can be yours for the bargain price of just three bucks.


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13 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 23, 2015”

  1. Is the Lent Madness cross-stitch available in the Lentorium? If not, perhaps you might consider offering the Saintly Smack-down cross-stitch pattern so we can work on that during periods of LMW? It is a lovely design, I posted on my Pintrest page, along with photos of the SEC.

  2. The official Lent Madness TShirt arrived in the mail today! Very high quality and now my husband can dress in the proper color for our local church Lenten study.

  3. Love the T-shirts! Also love the wonderful rendition of the hymns with the opening and closing credits. Has your esteemed organist done arrangements of any other Lenten hymns? Such as "The Glory of These Forty Days"?

  4. I hope that Scott and Tim aren't in a hurry to receive their own golden halos. I've heard that the first requirement for sainthood is that one be dead. Not time yet, not for several decades. Live long and prosper.

  5. As I sip my coffee from a certified LM mug, I have a request from up here in the Frozen North: A Lent Madness SWEATSHIRT, preferably a hoodie.!

    It's a long time til t-shirt time

  6. This is my first year experiencing Lent Madness and I love you guys! I eagerly await the opening of my local public library on Monday mornings so I can share a few moments of madness with you. So far, I have not been asked to be quiet by the librarians when I burst out laughing. Keep up the great work.

  7. I'm currently reading a book in which the character Joseph Brant appeared. Thanks t Lent Madnness I know who Joseph Brant was. Cool! Thanks.

  8. You are both very good your blessing is, may you be given grate wealth, many children and live a very long life.

  9. '@patricia nakamura with ya sister. It has been cold with no tee shirt weather in sight. Although today is to be 16, which is feeling like shorts weather. Grins.