A Solemn Proclamation from the SEC

A Solemn Proclamation from the Supreme Executive Committee of Lent Madness

Lent CrierBe it known to all unto whom these present letters may come, that the Episcopal Church is preparing to gather in its General Convention, said Convention to be held in Salt Lake City and in the Diocese of Utah in the Beehive State; and

Whereas, It would be madness if no one lent the Convention a bit of holy humor and saintly piety; and

Whereas, The Supreme Executive Committee has taken unto itself to improve and saintify the General Convention; now therefore be it

Resolved, That Thursday, June 25, 2015 is hereby declared as Lent Madness Day; and be it further

Resolved, That Francis of Assisi, or a life-size cardboard image thereof, shall be present for those who wish to have their photographs taken or portraits painted with the winner of the Golden Halo in Lent Madness 2015; and be it further

Resolved, That a play-in match for Lent Madness 2016 shall be held on this day, allowing General Convention guests, bishops, and deputies the opportunity to cast the most important vote of the entire Convention; and be it further

Resolved, That the entire Supreme Executive Committee shall be present at the Forward Movement booth of the exhibit hall to offer autographs of the aforementioned Supreme Executive Committee.

Given under our hand, seal, and smirk on this day, the eighteenth day of June in the two thousand and fifteenth year of our Lord’s grace and in the fourth year of our reign over the Saintly Smackdown.


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54 comments on “A Solemn Proclamation from the SEC”

  1. Had I known that St. Francis' cardboard avatar and you were going to be at convention, I would have robed a bank to get the money that would have allowed me to go. I was new to Lent Madness this year, but never again will I go through Lent without the Madness.

  2. What a fun way to begin the day. I'm a Lector on Sunday - do you suppose I would get in trouble if I read the proclamation along with 1 Samuel?

  3. Love you and your sense of humor. No Brigid of Kildare cardboard figure to get your picture taken with?

  4. And you are enjoined, by at least one of your dedicated supporters, to start the saintly ball rolling for the blessed Fred Rodgers and the blessed Pete Seeger to get on the saintly calendar. (we know that the 50 year 'rule' has been thrown out the window a few times) Doesn't the ghost of brackets yet to come beckon you to instigate?

  5. Be it further resolved that the entire executive committee is Crackers!!

  6. Amen and Amen. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found that for a session of the Florida Historical Society Annual Meeting and Symposium this year a paper presented by Judith Wilmot of St. Augustine was on St. David Pendleton Oakerhater and his time in St. Augustine as a prisoner. Wish I could be there in Utah to thank the Supreme Executive Committee in person.

  7. Such a relief to know that you and all the saints will be overseeing the doings of said General Convention.

  8. What a delightful way to start my day, reading this Proclamation. I hope lots of people discover the fun of Lenten Madness from/at your display.

  9. And how appropriate to do this in the city of the Latter Day Saints!!! Be sure to take in their marvelous choir while you are there.

  10. Methinks I hear the full celestial choir now chanting clear, their awful anthem raise: ALLELUIA! (Lent and all it's wonderful madness notwithstanding.)

  11. So who is in the play-in match? I'll be there, but I'd like to do a little homework first....

  12. Wherefore doth we not has't a comparable image of St. Brigid, a mistress of rare libational skills and next only to St. Francis in the popular affection of all God's people, abreast of we may has't our portrait rendered for all eternity?

  13. Missed you folk ! Recovering from quadruple bypass surgery and now in assisted living and NO more driving...LENT MADNESS may well be one of my few last links to sanity. Give my best to Lady Jane P. who's the Head Honcho as we all know.

    1. I have missed you, Aleathia! May God bless and heal and strengthen your heart.

  14. A most excellent idea. Prayers for a productive, positive meeting for all concerned.

  15. As an Anglican in Northern BC who won't have the joy of meeting the cardboard standing in persona Francis, all I can say is thanks for brightening my day with your wit!