Celebrity Blogger Week: David Hansen

Another day, another Lutheran?! Yup. Two of our new Celebrity Bloggers this year are Lutherans. David Hansen joins Beth Lewis as part of the Lent Madness Lutheran contingent. Fortunately, they will be using their respective computers to advocate for their respective saints rather than nailing theses to church doors around the country (not that there's anything wrong with that).

David has the distinction of being one of the few pastors around with an actual punctuation mark in his parish's name. We may or may not be changing our official name to "Lent Madness!" Read on...

The Rev. David Hansen

The Rev. David Hansen, despite growing up as a pastor’s kid, turned out okay. An ELCA pastor, he serves at Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church in The Woodlands, Texas (outside of Houston), where he lives with his wife Megan, their daughter, and their menagerie of pets. When not preaching and teaching for the Lutheran diaspora in Texas, David is helping to drag the church into the digital age – teaching congregations and leaders to make use of online tools for ministry (You can catch David this year leading an Intensive as a part of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza. He is a regular contributor and moderator in the Church Social Media (#chsocm) community, and wrote the forward to Celebrity Blogger alum Meredith Gould’s The Social Media Gospel. He is an occasional contributor to The Lutheran magazine and Living Lutheran, and blogs at Pastor David L. Hansen. Connect with him on Twitter @rev_david and Facebook.

1. Since being named a Celebrity Blogger is obviously your greatest lifetime achievement, how will you handle the inevitable post-Lenten letdown?
Once one of my three Saints wins the Golden Halo – a foregone conclusion, given the amazing saints for whom I am writing – I will probably take use the generous prize from Lent Madness to fund a Caribbean cruise. My only question is – like the Powerball – is the Lent Madness prize paid out as a per annum or in a lump sum?

2. What is the single strangest thing you’ve learned about one of your assigned saints?
I was not expecting Saint Drogo’s ability to bi-locate, to be in two places at once. That’s a genuine super-power: why are there not comic books about this guy? And more to the point – why are they not teaching this skill in seminary?

3. What is your favorite saint-inspired food and why?unnamed-39
Being baptized in a Swedish Lutheran church, there is a certain appeal to the hot cross buns of Saint Lucy. However, the hands down best saint-inspired food is clearly Saint Drogo’s coffee.

Inspiring you to be as productive as the man who could be in two places at once, coffee is counted as nearly sacramental in many churches not just for it’s delicious taste, but its ability to bring communities together. Mmmmm … Coffee.

4. Besides Lent Madness, what do you most look forward to during the season of Lent?
In all seriousness, I look forward to the opportunity to adjust my faith life and spiritual disciplines. It is easy to get stuck on auto-pilot in our faith, and Lent encourages us to honest self-reflection to consider whether or not the practices of our daily lives are drawing us closer to God. 
Even more to the point – Lent assumes that we need to change. All of us. It isn’t a failure to admit that we need change in our lives, it is an assumed and integral part of Lent. And for that. I’m grateful.


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