Celebrity Blogger Week: David Sibley

No matter what else David Sibley accomplishes in his life, he will always be best known for shepherding Charles Wesley to the 2014 Golden Halo. In fact, we've already taken the liberty of writing the first line of his obituary: "The Rev. David Sibley, longtime Lent Madness Celebrity Blogger..." Okay, that's all we have so far and as the youngest CB (again), we hope we don't need to finish this anytime soon. Welcome back, David!

The Rev. David Sibley

The Rev. David Sibley, Distinguished Celebrity Blogger, is in the middle of his seventh year as a southern transplant into the northeast, where he now lives on Long Island and serves as Rector of Christ Church in Manhasset, New York. Raised right in the middle of South Carolina, David studied and did research as a chemist before being whisked away to seminary in New York City. When he’s not in church, David enjoys travel, hiking and camping, all things food and music related, and is a sports fanatic – with his teams of choice in baseball (Chicago Cubs), college football (South Carolina Gamecocks), and soccer (Liverpool FC) being minor obsessions. When the ideas are forthcoming, he’s been known to blog at Feeding on Manna, and holds forth much more often with his partners in crime on Twitter at @davidsibley.

1. Since being named a Celebrity Blogger is obviously your greatest lifetime achievement, how will you handle the inevitable post-Lenten letdown?
You know, I truly believe that the Lent Madness spirit can last year-round. I have to admit, that, after several years of being a Celebrity Blogger, the kitsch round has rapidly become my favorite. You come into contact with a portion of the internet – mainly Zazzle and Etsy – that was clearly made solely for Lent Madness. But when Lent is over, there’s some self-loathing part of me that keeps being drawn back to find kitsch.

Mind you, I don’t order it for myself – I do have some taste – so instead, I order random items and mail them to Tim. I like to think of it as the Lent Madness spirit living year round.

2. What is the single strangest thing you’ve learned about one of your assigned saints?
I think Thecla baptizing herself in a pool of ravenous seals has to be up there, especially since that bit of knowledge came not long after binge watching of Arrested Development. Loose seals!

3. What is your favorite saint-inspired food and why?10689457_926838446444_1325127465796369931_n
While not exactly saint inspired in the name, I would like to think Saint Laurence would have appreciated items done well on the grill, as long as they weren’t… him. So I’m going to say that a nice steak and some grilled vegetables in the middle of summer really can’t be beat.

4. Besides Lent Madness, what do you most look forward to during the season of Lent?
I mean, the highlight of my Lent is pushing Tim into conniption fits as I push deadlines with stunning alacrity. But more seriously, I appreciate the “reset” that Lent can provide for me, personally. By nature, I’m a pretty anxious person, and am generally more than willing to take count of my failings and shortcomings. (I tend to count them before anyone else can even call me on it!) With the themes of the season, Lent gives me a time that I can focus on forgiving myself and others, so that I can grow a bit more. I find that release from my own anxieties to be freeing and life-giving.


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