Monday Madness -- February 6, 2017

Tim and Scott are back! Join the self-appointed Supreme Executive Committee for the first pre-season episode of Monday Madness for Lent Madness 2017. In this week's edition, Tim and Scott explain why some people might draw hope and inspiration from the "saintly smackdown," even in a world filled with serious problems. They also highlight the must-have penitential add-ons needed to achieve maximum Lenten fulfillment in 2017 (spoiler alert: the Lentorium is involved).

If you want your own copy of the 2017 Saintly Scorecard, they're just three bucks in the Lentorium. But the real bargains kick in when you buy them in bundles of ten. One or two bundles reduce the individual price of scorecards to two bucks. Buy three or more bundles (that's 30 scorecards) and the Scorecards are only a dollar. It's insane. But in a good way.

You can also buy your very own bracket poster suitable for framing, gifting, or venerating. Those are only $11.

That's not all. There are mugs, pint glasses, soup mugs, and more -- all in the Lentorium. Check it out. Prove that you love Lent the most by buying loads of stuff. Of course, if you want your Lent to be about more than the saintly smackdown, visit Forward Movement for all your serious Lenten devotional needs.

Don't forget to tell all your friends to follow Lent Madness on Twitter and Facebook. If purgatory is real, this might get them to heaven faster. It can't hurt to cover your bases, right?

In the meantime, watch the video! Get hyped! Lent Madness begins in 23 days!

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19 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 6, 2017”

  1. Can't wait! Looking forward to yet another Lenten journey with the saints (and with Tim and Scott, of course!).

  2. Scorecard ordered and I'm ready to go. You know, after taking a peek at the lineup, I already have a favorite to make it to the Golden Halo this year.

  3. I'm new to Lent Madness and happy to be along for the ride. You might say I'm a closet Episcopalian masquerading as a recovering Presbyterian in a Methodist church. Hope this doesn't hurt my street cred (as the younger set would say) with Scott and Tim.

    Linda K.S.B.

  4. I am so ready for Lent Madness!!! What makes it even better is that the Saint our church is dedicated to is one of the Chosen. Will be rallying the troops to vote this year!

  5. Oh joy ! Oh bliss ! Eagerly awaiting but I've never been able to order stuff-Jane P. always helped me. Is she still with FORWARD MOVEMENT ?

  6. One of my two congregations is really excited. I have work to do at the other. I have purchased more Scorecards than I need ( I can't resist a bargain) and share them with other Episcopal churches

  7. See, so excited I could not spell. Last year was my first year and Lent Madness changed my life. This year I'm getting the entire church involved❤