Monday Madness -- March 27, 2017

Finally, you are about to accomplish something this week. That's right, thanks to Tim and Scott, you can soon check "watched Monday Madness" off your list.

This week's episode reveals a previously secret Monday Madness miracle. Little did you know: every single action-packed episode is a sign of...something. Also in this week's installment, Scott demonstrates pro-level segue, and Tim does math. And would it be a complete episode without product placement? Order your 2016 Silver Halo Winner Julian of Norwich Soup Mug today!

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This is here for social media sharing. Ignore it or print it out and frame it. It's up to you.

Monday Madness March 27


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24 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 27, 2017”

  1. I think the mugs are great. until they are washed a few times. Is there another product that will keep the logos from fading to nothing?

    1. I'm sorry to hear you've had problems with fading. A few people have reported this, so of course we believe you. Most others haven't had problems. In any case, we'll switch vendors for this year.

      Please write or call Forward Movement, and we can try to make some kind of customer service adjustment if it faded too soon. or 800-543-1813.

      Again, sorry for the problem!

  2. True about the mugs. Bonhoeffer has lost a couple of "f"s and a "c". Maybe no dishwasher for him?

  3. I handwash and have had no problems with mug, glass, or soup mug, despite daily use (not to mention my manifold sins and wickedness). Joy (or Palmolive or Dawn) to your world! And for the mug, if used for coffee, the occasional baking soda and vinegar swabbing will whiten the innards to a like-new state.

  4. I just want to know what it means that Frances Perkins is disappearing from my mug. Does it mean that she is being beatified and therefore rarified or is she fading into oblivion?

  5. Oh ~ milk isn't really good for cats.
    The mug would hold lots of tuna or salmon, though.

  6. Thank You!! Love you guys and so appreciate your great humor and helping us learn about Saints in such an entertaining way! (I'm also using the link to free curriculum you gave us--another thank you-- to learn more in a class of 1=me :- )

  7. You two are "The Best," as my husband's uncle used to say. What better or more fun way to learn about the saints, an education that eludes those of us raised in the Presbyterian church. I'm sure there are others out there dying to see a close-up of the book spines in Tim's office. What is lurking back on those shelves, Tim? And does Scott have an equally rich collection?

  8. Here I am with my annual appeal: This is not taking the Apostle to the Apostle's name in vain, but I pledge, I swear to hand-wash my new Mary Mags mug for ever and ever, Amen, if you will please re-issue them. I did put the MM mug in the dishwasher, but that is not the reason the handle broke. It fell off the counter at a crazy angle, leaving a chink in the handle that could not be repaired in any practical way. Coffee and tea tasted best in the Mary Mags mug--not in St. Francis', not in Francis Perkins', not in Charles Wesley's and not even in Dietrich von Bonhoeffer's. How can I prove myself worthy?

    1. Let me jump on the bandwagon of bringing back the Mary Mags mug! With a daughter named Magdalyn....well, we'd love to have the mugs 🙂 She is very proud of her name and, some years ago, defended MM eloquently to a sixth grade teacher who was dissing her, "Do you think my mother would name me after a prostitute?"

  9. If you have small children they could bath their baby dolls in the Julian of Norwich soup mug, or you could bath a chihuahua puppy in it and while it dries you could give the mug a thorough clean (not in the dishwasher) then sit down with pup on lap and have a well deserved hot soup for lunch.
    Saints, pets and soup all together - what could be better?

  10. Dear lent madness color commentators, thanks for frequently reminding us of the lent madness URL as it constantly slips our mind. The excitement of this year's competition is palpable especially now that it's down to the sweet 16. Question, has there ever been a total correct bracket winner? If so, how has/is that achievement acknowledged. I'm imagining a trip to Westminster or a Ferrari. From Lexington my, just south of global headquarters.