Lent Madness is Canceled

Lent Madness Canceled

Lent Madness has been canceled, effective immediately. Even though fans will be disappointed, tensions grew too great within the Supreme Executive Committee. Known widely as archnemeses, it turned out that Tim and Scott just couldn't put aside their bitterness long enough to complete the season.

Expect legal action between them over the name Supreme Executive Committee. For now, Tim has formed a one-man Supreme Executive Council. He is planning to use connections to establish headquarters at 1 First Street NE,
Washington, DC
, a facility that knows how to cater to supremes. Meanwhile, Scott is setting up the Supreme Executive Commission. He's going to take up residence in Avignon, within a palace that knows a thing or two about hosting supremes (or anti-supremes).

Newly unemployed Celebrity Bloggers will face a cruel return to the world of mere mortals, absent the crush of autograph-seeking bracketologists. Distinguished Celebrity Bloggers Laurie Brock, Megan Castellan, and David Sibley issued a joint statement on hearing the news, saying, "Now we know the true meaning of that ancient proverb, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. We wish Tim and Scott had never named us Distinguished." It's expected that a collection will be taken up for a therapy fund for bracket czar Adam Thomas, who won't know what to do each morning of Lent without the onerous burden of posting each day's results and updated bracket.

A passer-by in Hingham overheard Tim muttering to himself, "I knew Scott might not ever forgive me for shutting him out of the Toledo Blade in 2012 but I didn't think it would come to this." Meanwhile Scott was seen writing and then deleting the same Tweet over and over again without posting it, "Jesus said take up your cross and follow me, not take up your JERK and follow me. So long, @FatherTim." Go ahead and follow Scott and Tim on Twitter for what promises to be an epic Tweet-storm.

Fans will be disappointed, of course, that they'll never learn whether Amelia Bloomer or Fanny Crosby would earn a spot on Monday to fill out the Elate Eight.

Also, don't expect a new episode of Monday Madness this week. Tim and Scott could only agree on one thing to include in a joint statement, "The line down the middle of the split screen on Monday Madness isn't thick enough. I won't share a screen with that bozo."

While Lent Madness fans wail and gnash their teeth, at least they can look forward to a pleasant memory of the days of yore on Easter Sunday when Mary Magdalene (Golden Halo winner in 2012) gets a shout out during the Gospel reading.


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255 comments on “Lent Madness is Canceled”

        1. I was ready to join that mob-looking for poster board for the march! Tim and Scott are so clever!

        2. I did too as it is now 2nd April downunder! However as I read, it all came good. Love ❤️ comments.

  1. I'm disappointed that neither Tim nor Scott is carving out space in Detroit where THE Supremes came to fame. Happy April!!!!!

  2. I realized after the first paragraph that today is April First, and my heart has now resumed beating.

  3. Since today is April 1, I rather suspect a bit of a ham-handed attempt is a ruse. Come Monday, I expect two candidates to vote for.

  4. I know this is a joke, however I am concerned about some very real harsh and not very Christian comments that have been popping up here and there, from players, directed at other players. Perhaps we should all think before we "type and enter" our comments. I thought this was to teach by causing us to do a little research on the nominees before we voted. Just saying, be kind to one another.

    1. Thanks for expressing what I have been feeling. I know that many do not realize how hurtful these comments are. I have not commented since the beginning of LM due to not wanting to be the brunt of some of these comments.

    2. I couldn't agree more. Lent Madness is intended to teach us more about the saints and their examples of Christian devotion and actions. It's not about winning or whining!

  5. Had me going with the title, but the more I read, I knew this was an "April Fools"

    Funny - but only after I got past the title. My laugh for the day!!

  6. BREAKING NEWS: My cats Vic and Eugene have stepped into the power vacuum following what is now being called Lent Rent 2017, proclaiming themselves the New Supreme Executive Council and declaring Lady Julian of Norwich as this year's Golden Halo winner.

    1. Great idea. Let's hear it for lady Julian of Norwich! Your cats are wise. I knew this was all a joke after the first sentence. However, I just thought that they were trying to releave the boredom of the weekend. I forgot that it was April Fools' Day.

    2. Thank you to Vic and Eugene who know how to save the day! I agree with their choice, Lady Julian (whose shrine/cell is in my mother's hometown).

  7. In 2026 Spy Wednesday will fall on April 1. Can't wait to see what the SEC comes up with.

    1. Oh good, thank you for the heads up re Easter 2018. Altar guild here at St. James can hardly wait. Lillies? Baptism? Communism for the twice a year mob? We set up for a low Sunday Morning prayer service...

      1. I like the idea of Communism for the twice a year mob. That would really shake them up.

  8. OK, I am not in the mood. What the hell is going on here? The now defunct SEC will return to duty immediately or the two of them better sleep with one eye open. God bless,