Monday Madness -- Faithful Four Edition

Scott comes to you live from Jerusalem while Tim is (still) in Hingham for this special Holy Week episode of Monday Madness. The Supreme Executive Committee is not kidding when they refer to the "Lent Madness GLOBAL viewing public."

This week, in the last in-season Monday Madness of the 2017 season, Tim and Scott discuss the match-ups of the Faithful Four. They also point out that this Wednesday's championship match comes on a day with a special name: Spy Wednesday. How will you know why it's called Spy Wednesday? The SEC gives you a hint (written on the bottom of the screen when you watch) of where you can get the answer.

Of course it wouldn't be a complete episode without a plug for the Lentorium. You might also like to follow Scott's time in Jerusalem for Holy Week via Twitter. You can also follow Tim's quest to write 17 sermons and produce a multi-volume set of bulletins on his Twitter. Finally, we hope you'll take a moment to learn about the work of St. George's College in Jerusalem, which was kind enough not to kick Scott off their roof while he was recording this week's edition.

This is here to help with social media sharing. Get back to your Holy Week duties, and ignore this part of the post.

Monday Madness Faithful Four


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69 comments on “Monday Madness -- Faithful Four Edition”

  1. Why does Maestro Roby get credit for his organ performance but the artist who made the masthead remain uncredited

  2. Tis sad to see both of you for the last time this
    Season. Oh well, have to wait till next year!

  3. Blessings to all the Lent Madness Global Viewing Public, the Celebrity Bloggers and the incomparable SEC, for another fabulous journey meeting those saints, old and new, whose lives testify to living the life of faith. Happy Lent, and blessings for Holy Week.

  4. Woo hoo, let's hear it for Lent Madness! What an enjoyable way to learn about Saints and otherwise Good Folks. (Even if I was erroneously booted off the site for allegedly stuffing ballot boxes.). Thank you Frs. Tim and Scott. This was great fun.

  5. Many thanks to you both, as well as the Celebrity Bloggers and all who work to bring Lent Madness to us. Because of some health issues, this year's Lent Madness has been especially welcome.

  6. Three cheers for the SEC and all those who support Lent Madness. What an awesome way to learn about saints of old - and new! Thanks to all.

  7. As the church volunteer who runs off bulletins (AND the supplemental material that lets folks know what's going on at church, a booklet unto itself some weeks) I can totally relate to "multi-volume set of bulletins"--I will share that term with our wonderful Parish Administrator ("church secretary" to those of us who remember the 1928 Prayer Book), who has to put everything together.

  8. Dang, I inly just foind this site (hat tip to National Review Online). I wish I'd found it before Holy Thursday!!!

  9. Did Tim give up shaving for the Faithful Four competition? Or did he get robbed while traveling? Something kitchskyish to add to the Lentorium.

    1. He said he is on sabbatical! Our pastor always takes a break from shaving on his times away.

  10. Bravo to Michael Wachter - those words are hilarious! I am laughing myself silly.

    1. Thank you! I can tell you that I giggled to myself quite a bit while writing it. I am humbled by the recognition.

      1. Brilliant, Michael Wachter, brilliant! I'm sharing this, if you don't mind. Giving you full credit/blame, of course.

      2. Great lyrics to this new hymn! I loved how you included "insider" info that only diehard Lent Madness aficianados would "get"!

  11. I am so glad we can see the light at the end of the runnel, this has been a slog. Still in a snit that the Supreme Leadership or lack of black balled Fredric Baraga once again. We will raise Fredic and see that he gets a bracket. Plus why no Maria bier vessel?

  12. Enjoyed the hymn, looking forward to the one today & then tomorrow as we crown the golden halo. Certainly the next two day deserve a few more verses to the hymn?

    1. My bracket is still alive, so I am writing lyrics for my winning saint. It's still a little rough.

      "Maria! I just picked a saint named 'Maria!'
      Say it loud and the beer is flowing.
      Say it soft - her vote tally is growing.
      Maria. I'll never not vote for Maria..."

  13. I have a suggestion for the Executives: consider removing the vote total feature for the final match-up on Spy Wednesday. For those of us on the west coast, it is always a drag when the national election is called well before our polls have closed.
    That would make a huge, hUGE event - confetti blinding, balloons from the ceiling, Gatorade tub-dumping celebrations for the announcement Thursday.
    Glad to help, guys!

  14. Novato,, Ca and loving it! It is my first year in Lent Madness and I am hooked. Thank you!

  15. Is it possible for you to share the demographics of the voters. I think it interesting that our final four are women, and I wonder if our voter demographics are different from years past.

  16. Gobnait! Read “In Praise of Bees” by Kristin Gleeson.
    And I like Amber, am a Martha. See a need, tend to it, and then wonder why everyone else didn’t pitch in to help, it was so obvious Jesus needed someone to take care of him!
    But I have bee glasses, (before I knew about Gobnait) kept hives, and my husband was a yellow jacket from Ga. Tech, whose opponents refer to as the bees.

  17. Dog appears to be either very tired or very bored doesn't he. Thanks for all the fun

  18. I made this suggestion earlier when I voted today. But I am really directing it to the Supreme Executive Committee. I have enjoyed Lent Madness for five years. I also have read a selection of comments each year. I think you might consider that next year ALL candidates be women. Gender seems to be very important to a great many voters. I might have suggested making all candidates in 2020 men, but I think there would be a universal uproar. So make them all women so gender is not an issue in the voting.

  19. Another fabulous Lent Madness this year. I have learned so much about previously unknown-to-me holy men and women. Many thanks to the Celebrity Bloggers for their hard work and to the SEC for being, well, as usual, Supreme. Wishing you all a blessed Holy Week (which follows the heated contest on Spy Wednesday!).

  20. Martha’s kitchen in Gainesville Tx. Is a great place to eat and volunteer. The ladies here make everything from scratch and are wonderful, sweet, and kind people to be with and around.

  21. Thank you, Scott and Tim, for adding the note about the terrible fire at Notre Dame in Paris. My prayers join yours for the firefighters, for all who love Paris, and all of us who mourn the losses there--but also all who will shortly think how we can help the rebuilding a sanctuary which has given us so much faith for so long.

    1. Yes, prayers for Notre Dame and the people of Paris and the world who love her. A word of hope: my beloved alma mater, Georgetown Visitation Prep School in DC burned in 1993. The roof fell through the burned out five floors of the almost two hundred year old main building. Support poured in from everywhere, and now the school is fully rebuilt and continuing its mission of educating young girls. One thing all the saints teach us is resilience . I trust Notre Dame will rise from the ashes with the love and care of millions.

    2. It's early evening out here in California and the latest news on Notre Dame is that the bell towers and the basic structure have been saved.
      Prayers still going up for the people of Paris.

  22. This has been my primary Lenten experience, never done Lentmadness before. Loved learning about so many saints I have never known. The Indian Women Saints really impressed me. But the best was Martha of Bethany write up. I so want to talk to my many Martha's who feel bad they aren't a Mary.

    I asked my parish to try this as a Lenten experience:-)

    1. I think we all have some Mary and Martha in is. Thank goodness there are those who express each more predominantly. I’m a Martha ( Altar Guild directness - so it goes without saying) and I cherish the joy of maki g it possible to express their Mary sides more fully.