Celebrity Blogger Week: Adam Thomas

The Rev. Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas has been with the Lent Madness team ever since he had the misfortune of serving as the assistant priest in Cohasset, Massachusetts. This wouldn't have been a bad thing -- in fact it's a lovely town -- except that Tim was rector of the church in the next town. Suddenly Adam found himself in the penitential vortex and the rest is history. After serving as a Celebrity Blogger in 2012, Adam "retired" and got kicked upstairs to become the Bracket Czar. In this role he  designed the bracket itself for many years and updates it every morning during Lent. It's an unsung but vital role and we're all grateful.

The Rev. Adam Thomas, Distinguished Lent Madness Bracket Czar, had one stint as a celebrity blogger before going backstage at Lent Madness as keeper of the bracket and writer of pithy headlines on the bracket page. This Lent is his fifth as rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Mystic, Connecticut. Adamis the author of Digital Disciple: Real Christianity in the Virtual World (Abingdon 2011), the novel Letters from Ruby (2013), and a video Bible study series Unusual Gospel for Unusual People (2014). Now he writes fantasy novels in his limited spare time, or designs board games, or plans for his next session of Dungeons and DragonsAdam lives in Mystic, Connecticut with his wife Leah and their beautiful and precocious twins. Check out his website WheretheWind.com, for nearly ten years of content. You can fan Adam on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @RevAdamThomas.

1. If you could have dinner with any saint, who would it be and what would you serve? (and, duh, why?)

Polycarp, and many different kinds of carp to see if he got the joke. I imagine him looking at me over his glasses sort of like Albus Dumbledore and saying, "Heard it."

2. What hymn would you pay money never to hear again? And which hymn are you convinced is on the play list in heaven?

Not a fan of "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear." I just don't particularly like the tune. My favorite hymn is "Come thou fount of every blessing." We sang it at our wedding and it better be at my funeral. (Also -- it's better in E major than D major).

3. You're busy during Lent. Why do you make time for the Saintly Smackdown? What do you get out of it personally?
I enjoy being part of something that teaches people about the lives of holy people. Being a longtime member of this community is so wonderful. Plus, I like making puns, so check the headlines each day on the bracket page.


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