Anna vs. Eglantyne (with vote button!)

Yeah, yeah. So we're not perfect. The first email featuring Anna Alexander vs. Eglantyne Jebb didn't have a vote button. It's been updated but here's a link to the fixed post. Now stop complaining and go vote!

Anna Alexander vs. Eglantyne Jebb


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13 comments on “Anna vs. Eglantyne (with vote button!)”

  1. Doing a little research and review while waiting for the vote buttons to appear, I had to change my mind and vote for Anna. Look at this! Anna is may be upgraded in July!

    "The Standing Committee on Liturgy and Music voted to recommend that the Episcopal Church add Deaconess Alexander to Lesser Feasts and Fasts (Major Feasts are those like Christmas and Easter). A vote on that larger recognition for this Saint of Georgia will come during the General Convention meeting in Austin, Texas, July 5-13, 2018."

    Perhaps the Golden Halo will help! For me, it's Anna Alexander from now on, all the way to the Golden Halo!

  2. Help!!
    My Lent madness emails stopped coming about 15 March.
    I miss them and want them back!

  3. What a tough decision today! I voted for Anna because I felt that she faced far more difficult circumstances to achieve her goals. I admire that she took her father's sage advice that soft overcomes hard. My default position in such circumstances is to come out of my corner swinging and pushing back!! I must remember what Anna taught me-that softness imitates Jesus. Her selflessness, her initiative and creativity, all in Jesus' name are qualities to which I aspire. Plus the fact that her church and mine share the same name: Good Shepherd!