Happy Lent Madness Eve!

As the whole world trembles in anticipation on Lent Madness Eve, we wanted to share two items. The first is an incredible video created by our friends at St. James Cathedral in South Bend, Indiana, featuring all 32 saints (plus Tim and Scott) represented as peg dolls. These dolls were lovingly hand painted by members of the congregation.

We also share a brief bedtime story to read to the children of all ages in your home. Enjoy! And we'll see you all for our first vote of Lent Madness 2022 right here on this site at 8:00 am Eastern. Happy Lent!

The Night Before Lent Madness

'Twas the night before Lent Madness, and throughout the whole Church
the Lent Madness faithful, were doing saintly research.

The brackets were hung in the parish hall with care
in hopes that Lent Madness soon would be there.

Parishioners were nestled all snug in their beds
while visions of halos danced in their heads.

As Tim drank his coffee and Scott had his too
plotting shenanigans as they so often do.

When out in the Lent Dome there arose such a clatter
the Celebrity Bloggers sprang up to see what was the matter.

It was the clash of some martyrs or maybe a mystic
The SEC in its matchups can be so sadistic.

“Lent Madness isn’t fair!” some were heard crying
“Saints competing -- it's just so horrifying!”

When what to our wondering eyes should appear
But 32 saints hoping the others would just disappear.

Now Hilda! Now Olaf!
Now Constance of Memphis!
On Stephen! On Origen!
On Thomas Aquinas!

To the Golden Halo!
To the holiest of all!
Now go for the prize!
Play saintly hardball!

As the Lent Madness crowd prepares for a vote
we hope this all doesn't get too cutthroat.

With Lent now upon us, we're feeling contrite
Happy Lent to all, and to all a blessed night.


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14 comments on “Happy Lent Madness Eve!”

  1. Super excited for the start of Lent Madness! Time to print out the brackets and get the family ready for some saintly fun! Thank you for reading my comment and bringing some of my favorite features back to the page. It means a lot!

  2. The video and bedtime story made me smile. Thanks to all involved! A Blessed and Holy Lent to all.

  3. The video was incredible - thank you to all who painted and edited to make that happen 🙂 And what a great poem - loving the creativity and excited for another season of Lent Madness!

  4. I think you outdid yourselves from last year! Loved the poem and loved the pegs...now we vote

  5. HELP I am not receiving the daily matchups as I have for years.
    Others with problems??

  6. All of a sudden Lent Madness landed up in "Spam" this morning and I don't know why. I do have someone at my home, also named Scott that doesn't care about attending church. But he said it certainly wasn't him.

  7. I had the same problem. When I went on to vote today, I realized it wasn't in my mailbox (at church - secretary). Checked spam and everything from after Monday Madness was in spam. Fine before then - no idea what happened. But got to vote today, so all's good!

  8. Am always amazed at the creativity as well as interesting facts re saints. Have enjoyed this Lenten treat for 10
    + years.