Lent Madness Photo Finish!

In the closest Golden Halo voting in the history of Lent Madness, Teresa of Avila and José Hernández have taken the championship round down to the wire. While voting closes at 8 am Eastern Time, the Supreme Executive will be conducting a forensic analysis of the voting to insure the correct winner is announced. We appreciate your patience and look forward to sharing the good news with the world later today.

In many ways, this year's finale comes down to everything we love about Lent Madness. Teresa is a beloved saint who has inspired generations of Christians. While José has captured the imagination of the Lent Madness voting public, many of whom met him for the first time. Whoever ends up winning the Golden Halo, we have all been enriched by the presence of these two saintly souls throughout this season of Lent.

Thanks for you forbearance as we work to certify the results of this election. We are committed to getting this right!


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54 comments on “Lent Madness Photo Finish!”

  1. This is a great year for a silver halo!!! Either way both of these saints need more kitch and a place in the Lent Madness record.

    1. Yes! A tie would be acceptable to me. Two great Saints. I have had a devotion to St. Theresa of Avila for a couple of years but only met St. Dr. Hernandez through Lent Madness. He will remain a saint I call upon. Thank you Lent Madness for another great season of Lent devotion and learning. Blessed Triduum and Happy Easter. God bless.

  2. This was my very first Lenten Madness and I loved it! I had a blast learning about all these glorious & inspiring people! Thank you so much for such an entertaining & engaging journey through Lent. I look forward to participating again next year!
    Thank you for this wonderful ministry!!
    Teresa of Avila
    (Jus’ sayin’)

  3. Why not declare Jose & Teresa both recipients of the Golden Halo?? Unusual times calls for unexpected blessings❤️

  4. Thank you for verifying the result before you announce the Golden Halo winner. Appreciate all y’all’s diligence with the voting. No hanging chads here!

    Mostly, thank you for the gift of Lent Madness. I look forward to this every year. I learn something new every year about saints i know and those i’m not familiar with. You help me look at my faith anew and inspire a better walk.

  5. I like J.J. of Cape Cod’s suggestion best! A double handled mug with both saints pictures! Two hands are always better than one. Imagine the hands of four saints!

  6. Yes it was a tough decision and bth deserve the halo.
    Let’s love one another as He loved us
    Easter the ultimate gesture of love God could give us
    Have a.joyous Easter everyone

  7. I love the idea of the tie reflecting the breadth of our devotion and discipleship! Double-handled mug a terrific idea among others.

  8. Wowsers! I found it hard to choose in the Faithful Four rounds as well as the the Golden Halo Round. Kudos to the writers and to all who shared this year. Thank you Tim and Scott for another thought provoking and illuminating Lenten Season.

  9. Yes. A tie as a result is totally appropriate. I support the idea of a mug with an image on both sides. (I’d use it more than a double-handled one I think.)

  10. What happens if there's a tie? Penalty kicks? Extra innings?
    This was a very intense Lent Madness with fierce competition until the very last minute. I love that you can be as engaged as you want and always get something out of it.

  11. This year's Lent Madness was the most fun ever. Thank you for the creative and thoughtful matchups (Hilary and Melania; Oscar and Felix). And thanks for your hard work.

  12. Thank you for Lent Madness, look forward to it every year. As it is with so many it is hard to choose, they all in a way deserve to be winners for living their lives our Saviour would have us.

  13. Tie! Tie! Tie! Why not? There is “Madness” in your title.
    My first Lent Madness and i thank you so much.

  14. What a fantastic ride! Thanks for introducing me to Jose and teaching me more about Teresa. I'll be eagerly waiting the final outcome. Any chance they couod share the honor?

  15. Thanks to all the bloggers and Celebrity bloggers, and thanks especially to Tim and Scott, for another enlightening Lent Madness.

  16. Another fun championship! Genus idea to make this a ‘competition’! As a long time Methodist I was deficient on the back story of many of these Saints! Let alone knowing about many of them to begin with! You Episcopalians have an historic advantage that is enviable! I am still shocked that Thomas of Villanova beat out Thomas Aquinas! Every though I live down the road from the campus of Villanova, I had no idea about that Thomas! Thanks for putting a humorous on Lent! As it always gives us a time to prepare for Easter, this puts a smile on our faces as we deal with the heavenly events that free us and lift us all !

  17. I've been a participant here for years & never saw anything like this... I agree that some way of honoring both saints would be appropriate. Thanks to Tim, Scott, all the bloggers & participants for enhancing my lenten experience yet again!