Lent Madness Photo Finish!

In the closest Golden Halo voting in the history of Lent Madness, Teresa of Avila and José Hernández have taken the championship round down to the wire. While voting closes at 8 am Eastern Time, the Supreme Executive will be conducting a forensic analysis of the voting to insure the correct winner is announced. We appreciate your patience and look forward to sharing the good news with the world later today.

In many ways, this year's finale comes down to everything we love about Lent Madness. Teresa is a beloved saint who has inspired generations of Christians. While José has captured the imagination of the Lent Madness voting public, many of whom met him for the first time. Whoever ends up winning the Golden Halo, we have all been enriched by the presence of these two saintly souls throughout this season of Lent.

Thanks for you forbearance as we work to certify the results of this election. We are committed to getting this right!


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54 comments on “Lent Madness Photo Finish!”

  1. Thank all who worked to contribute to this year's Lent Madness. The matchups were really fun and interesting - I learned a lot about many new holy people, as usual. The bloggers outdid themselves. That the whole "competition" ended in a tie is perfect - a well-known and -beloved saint against someone many of us encountered for the first time. By the end of Madness, I didn't even care what I'd put on my bracket because it was fun to simply read and learn.
    I am already eager for next year!

  2. This was my first Lent Madness. Every day I looked forward to reading about the Saints, many of whom I had never heard. Thank you to Scott and Tim for organizing this. Thank you to the Celebrity Bloggers for bringing these saints to life for me. And thank you to the commenters who added so much to the stories. This has been a wonderful way to journey through Lent. I’m looking forward to next year. Happy Easter to all.
    Rooting for Jose, but will be happy with a tie.

  3. All the way through, deciding who to vote for was a real challenge for me. All of the candidates had worthy resumes. Thank you for this challenging but enjoyable Lent Madness. It's a shame that some were voting multiple times. I hope they have repented and in the future, let the fun go on!

  4. Thanks, SEC and Celebrity Bloggers, for another great year! You continue to inspire and cause laughter - a sure sign of the Holy Spirit's presence! I didn't get to engage every day, but was always blessed when I did.
    And what a finish! I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who had a hard time choosing.

    Take your time on the results. We don't want any hanging chads or cries of stolen elections to sully the reputation of our winning saint! (But really, people, whoever you are. You would CHEAT on something like this?! I confess I don't get it.)

  5. Thank you one and all: contributors, bloggers and the
    incredible celebrity bloggers....kudos to Tim and Scott...
    I am still laughing about the matchups between Hilary/Melania and Oscar/Felix...perfect! A nail bitter
    for sure in this last pairing...I think a mug with both
    saints one on each side would be fitting but...as heaven
    knows I am not suited to be on the SEC!!! so, let's see
    what the Tim and Scott pairing will decide.

  6. I’d very much appreciate the ability to purchase a Theresa of Avila mug even without the halo. An unusual year and final round for certain. I do echo the suggestion of a runner-up or ‘silver halo’.

  7. Such a great way to remind us of the saints of the past. Both finalist are well deserved of the golden halo!

  8. A double handled mug sounds like a sugar bowl to me, and that's a whole different sport!

  9. 8 am Eastern Time for the final vote??????? #1 - That is way too early for most of us to vote. #2 - It is Daylight Savings Time now - not Eastern Standard Time. Very disappointed to have to miss the final vote.

  10. I believe there has only ever been one Silver Halo awarded in the past (to Saint Bridget if I recall correctly) and I think Teresa should get one this year. Though not a glass beer stein as unlike Bridget she isn’t the patron Saint of brewers. Maybe a tea cup?

  11. I also agree, it was difficult to select. They were both winners and in fact; they were all winners. Thanks again for allowing me to be part to this "Lent Madness" - a truly learning experience for me, which I will treasure. I look forward to 2023. Have a blessed Easter and enjoy the rest of 2022.