Monday Madness -- Eastertide Edition

Alleluia, Christ is risen and it's time for another episode of Monday Madness! The Lord is risen indeed, and Tim and Scott are here with an action-packed episode. Naturally, they celebrate the incredibly dramatic victory of Dr. José Hernández to win the 2022 Golden Halo. With just a three-vote margin, it was the closest champtionship contest in Lent Madness history.

2022 Golden Halo mugYou might like to celebrate the win of Dr. Hernández by raising a toast in a commemorative 2022 Golden Halo winner mug. Limited quantities will be produced, so get your order in today! We expect them to ship in early summer, but shipping dates and the exact final appearance of the mug may vary due to supply chain issues. But once they're gone, they're gone. Order yours today!

If you do order a mug, when your mug arrives, please send us your mug shot! We love sharing photos of the Lent Madness Global Viewing Public enjoying their coffee (or tea) while they discuss bracketology or relive the drama of the Saintly Sixteen.

Easter Triumph Easter Joy book coverSpeaking of ordering things, if you're looking for a way to sustain Easter joy, Scott's latest book is Easter Triumph, Easter Joy: Meditations for the Fifty Days of Eastertide. You can get it in paper from Amazon, Forward Movement, or your local bookseller. It's also available as an ebook.

Tim wrote a humorous look at the season some years ago, Dust Bunnies in the Basket: Finding God in Lent & Easter, available as a book and ebook.

Visit the Lentorium regularly for updates on books and merchandise for Lent Madness fans.

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22 comments on “Monday Madness -- Eastertide Edition”

  1. Thanks again for Lent Madness. And so happy my guy won! Three cheers for Jose Hernandez!

  2. Now I begin my journey Lent Madness withdrawal. Big sigh. I do hope that LM XIV will not have any celestial beings. Gabriel is in a class by himself

    1. I was about to make the same suggestion! A few years ago when there was a closely fought battle for the Golden Halo there was a tankard (IIRC) for the winner of the silver halo. It would be nice to do something for Teresa, and a soup bowl seems appropriate!

  3. Thank you again for Lent Madness,I did better this year and happy I chose the right one for the Golden Halo. Looking forward to next Lent. Have a wonderful year ahead.

  4. Well done gentlemen! Again, you have brought smiles and thoughtful reflection to many faces including mine. Refreshing when so many current events are not refreshing.

    Thank you!

  5. Even though some of my earlier choices were not eligible to go on, I know they are already saints. What more could they really want?
    However, at the end, my vote for Saint Doctor Jose Hernandez mattered!
    I really enjoyed this whole experience, and I share in the potential withdrawal.....................
    Great Lenten practice, you guys! Many thanks.

  6. I just managed to miss out on the last vote! Awh!! I thought that it was tough, but I thought that Teresa would win the golden halo. I think it was a wonderful showing. But could we have some little something for Teresa of Avila? If not a mug, why not demitasses? Afterall she only lost by 3! (Laughing all the way). JOY

  7. Thank you for a great season of Lent Madness. It is always enjoyable and informative. I though this year’s pairings were superb- the choices were matched well and it was difficult to choose who to vote for. I had to do a lot of thinking and pondering before casting my vote. Great job! Happy Easter!

  8. This is a gift that you give to all of us. Thank you! Our parish has a bracket poster in the narthex so we can all keep track. We have an email group that shares our votes (with explanation) every day. Now we go through Lent Madness withdrawal, celebrate Easter, shout Alleluia! and eat peeps. Can't wait for next year! Thank you again.

  9. Great fun, Tim and Scott. Thanks to you and the FM Supreme Committee. Easter blessings from cool and rainy Portland, Oregon and Trinity Cathedral. Harriet B Linville +

  10. I would also like a silver halo bowl for Teresa 🙂 Tea and soup together sounds pretty good with these two admirable winners.

  11. Close voting!
    Isn't the number "three" of some religious experience?
    Great campaign!

  12. This has been my third year of Lent Madness and every year has been amazing. I love learning about the saints and Tim and Scott, I look forward to your commentaries. You're the best and now it's withdrawal time. Mondays won't be the same without your knowledge and humour. Love and blessings to all involved. See you next year!!!

  13. Have read Dust Bunnies and now reading Easter Triumph, Easter Joy. Thanks for keeping my reading going