Monday Madness -- Faithful Four Edition

The frenetic pace of Lent Madness continues with the arrival of the Faithful Four! Which of these four amazing saints will win the Golden Halo? Only time -- and your votes -- will tell. Tim and Scott are here with a look at the Faithful Four and the next few days of Monday Madness. The end is nearly upon us and we're anticipating a high energy saintly crescendo.

Besides learning the real names of the first few days of Holy Week, this episode features gratitude to our illustrious company of Celebrity Bloggers and all the others who work hard to make Lent Madness a huge global phenomenon (for a Lenten devotion).

This is here for social media sharing and to help you tell Scott and Tim apart if you are inclined to get them confused.

Monday Madness screen grab


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2 comments on “Monday Madness -- Faithful Four Edition”

  1. Thank you for another great year of Lent Madness. As usual, I did learn of saints with whom I was not acquainted, and my admiration and knowledge of those I did know deepened. Having said that, Go Teresa!!!

  2. This is my first year of Lent Madness.... I loved the education of the saints, some of which were unknown to me! Too bad there is only one golden halo! [we know they are all wearing one!]
    Thank you Tim and Scott for this great information and fun way to learn, with some wit!!