Monday Madness -- February 20, 2023

Join Tim and Scott for the one and only pre-season episode of Lent Madness 2023. Or, if you're fancy, are a Roman gladiator, or think of Lent as the Super Bowl of the church year, you can call it Lent Madness XIV. In this episode, the Supreme Executive Committee shares some exciting news about a new location for 50% of the Lent Madness governing body (Spoiler Alert: Scott's still in Cincinnati).

As you watch, you might be inspired to visit the Lent Madness website and fill out an online bracket. If you do this, you can track your bracket-picking success compared with the rest of the Lent Madness global viewing public online. While the Lentorium is sold out of giant bracket posters, you can print your own giant bracket using the free image.

Whether you're using a beautiful professionally made giant bracket poster or a quick do-it-yourself special, why ruin it with your own semi-legible handwriting? Thanks to Fr. David Simmons of Waukesha, WI, we have a lovely label sheet for you to download FOR FREE. Just print out this sheet onto Avery 5160 labels, and your bracket will be museum-ready.

Please do invite your friends and neighbors to play Lent Madness. But don't forget to get yourself to church on Ash Wednesday to get your Lent off to the right start. Then enjoy the rest of the season as you alternate between repenting and voting.

See you on Ash Thursday (February 23) as Augustine of Hippo takes on Hippolytus on Opening Day of Lent Madness 2023!

This is here for social media sharing, or maybe you prefer to print out 50 copies and use it to start the new fire of Easter.


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54 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 20, 2023”

  1. As always, looking forward to spending Lent with you. I’ll be rotating through my various Golden Halo mugs each morning as I join my online morning prayer webcast. Happy Lent.

  2. I am looking forward to Season 14 of Lent Madness. It doesn't matter where you are locating, join in and vote every day.

  3. I absolutely love Lent, and particularly enjoy Lent Madness! I look forward to it and can't wait to get started. I urge others to do the same! Happy Lent!

  4. I am so glad and relieved that Fr Gunn is still involved in Lent Madness. I pray that his recovery from his accident is complete and he is whole.

  5. Am greatly relieved to know that Lenten Madness is still in business. It shines a ray of light into otherwise still wintery and mostly gray days.

  6. We're so happy for another wonderful Lent Madness season! Scott, blessings to you, you look wonderful. It's so great to see you after all of your adventures. Praise be to God for your good health!

  7. Wow! a dear friend of our's was organist at Bethesdia by the Sea maybe 45 years ago. my now husband and I met him there in like 1979...Bill played the organ that afternoon.

  8. So excited I ordered my large bracket poster early. It’s hanging in my garage and already got to explain to a neighbor about Episcopal Saints. Chief Seattle caught her attention, so different from the public perception of Saints. Happy Lent.

  9. So, since I filled out a bracket, do I still vote everyday or is the bracket choice my vote? Wouldn't want to vote TWICE!

  10. Years ago, I was won over to this wildness.
    I'm in again, glad to see Scott looking good after his misadventure, a/k/a ordeal, last year.
    Cheers, Tim and Scott.

  11. A wonderful part of my Lenten schedule. So enjoy discovering new saintly friends and rediscovering old ones.

    “The game’s afoot!”

  12. I was wondering where you guys were! There were no posts about celebrity bloggers in the leadup to Ash Wednesday, and I got busy and forgot about this. Glad to see this is still going forward. Since I didn't get a reminder in between Nominationtide and now, I missed out on purchasing the scorecard. But at least I can still print out the bracket.

  13. Fascinating mix of the saintly and the sanctified, as usual. Looking forward to joining in.
    But which Bach?? The great J.S. had about 20 children, so need to narrow it down a bit.
    A blessed Lent to all!

  14. The Lent Madness pre-season’s begun
    We’re so thankful to have back Scott Gunn;
    Fr. Tim’s now in FL
    Seeking temps a bit TO
    Let the joyous bells ring out “Dean Donne!”

  15. Welcome back, Scott and Tim! I'm really looking forward to another year of Lent Madness. I'm very glad Jonathan Daniels is back in the running. I first learned about him from the first Lent Madness I played several years ago.

    A happy Lent to you both!

    1. If TECUSA derives from the C of E, does that mean we must side with the London Bach, J Christian?

  16. I pre-ordered my scorecard and poster during Advent so I am more than ready for the madness to begin! Special thanks to Fr. David Simmons for making the label sheet for posters. Always a delight to hear from the Supreme Executive Committee.

  17. It's great to have you both back for another Lenten season. I look forward to the limericks and comments from everyone. Yay!

  18. I had never heard about Lent Madness until a new priest in charge arrived at our church and introduced it to us last year. I loved learning about all these saints I never hear of and, of course, at the age I am, have forgotten all about them - ready to learn about new ones for this moment in time. I don't remember but I think I was close last year but not enough to have earned the Golden Halo. I also enjoyed reading others' comments and the knowledge they shared. Blessings for a new round!