Monday Madness -- February 27, 2023

Gather the kids around the computer, it's time for another action-packed, fun-filled episode of the award-winning (awards are a social construct) Monday Madness. This week, in the first in-season episode of the year, Tim and Scott are joined by a special celebrity guest! They discuss ongoing controversies surrounding Lent Madness XIV, and offer a most Anglican solution. And did we mention a special celebrity guest?

If this episode leaves you wanting more, fear not! You can go watch the entire Monday Madness oeuvre on Lent Madness TV. And if you want something else to fill your time, don't forget to follow this week's special guest on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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23 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 27, 2023”

  1. Tim, I love the “voice from on high” effects from Monday’s Madness video. Makes me think of what Moses might have sounded like speaking on top of Mt Sinai to Aaron below
    Kudos to guest appearance by George T Dog. ❤️

  2. your feed today (Tuesday 28 Feb) was for yesterday's Monday Madness by the way, which was very entertaining

    1. On my screen it is a scroll up from the comments section. Look to the right of the video. Click under recent posts for Monica vs Joanna. (Hope that helps)

  3. The responsiveness of the Supreme Council is commended. I prefer to read, think and pray, seeking God speak, rather than opinions of others, before voting.

  4. Fun video, but disagree with George the Dog being the Episcopal mascot. Our Ruby Red, a Lab/Shar Pei rescue hasn't missed a regular service at St. Andrew's, Walden, NY, since she was adopted Oct 2021. Our pastor, Rev. Nicole Hanley, said Ruby is her favorite "furry" parishioner.

  5. Got your wonderful Monday Madness (love your dog!) but can't find where to vote for Monica vs. Joanna. Love Lent Madnes!

  6. Keep up the good work. Your enthusiastic leadership is inspirational!, there is nothing like Lent Madness!

  7. Received this today (Tuesday) and did not receive the Tuesday's
    Monica v. Joanna the Myrrhbearer

  8. I am a cat person,through and through and have never owned a dog. However, I enjoyed his special guest appearance today. Because he is a part of Lent Madness, I will hold a special corner in my heart for him.

  9. You guys jacked up the bracket for Joanna v Monica and because of your vid (which I gladly skipped) I COULD NOT VOTE!!! Please fix your programming.

  10. Happy feast day to George T. Dog from a Twitter fan. Lovely to see and hear him with the Supreme Execs!

  11. Where in the archive can I find the march of all the peg dolls and (I think it's another month) the church congregation singing the official Lent Madness hymn?