Monday Madness -- March 20, 2023

It's time for this week's gratitude-themed episode of Monday Madness. Tim and Scott give thanks for St. Joseph's Day and the whole company of Celebrity Bloggers. Lent Madness wouldn't be possible without their work. Literally. (And if we were trying to sell Lent Madness real estate, we'd need St. Joseph, too!)

Tim and Scott also give thanks to the Lent Madness Global Viewing Public™ for a generous response to an email inviting donations to support Lent Madness. As you may know, Lent Madness is sponsored by Forward Movement, and it's just one of many FREE offerings to the church. In addition to Lent Madness, Forward Movement sends printed materials to prisons and nursing homes free of charge. Forward Movement provides free websites, apps, and podcasts to support a life of prayer. If you'd like to make a gift to support this work, you can make a gift online right now! Thank you.

All that, and more! There's no need to speculate about what comes after the Saintly Sixteen, as this video also reveals what's coming next.


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5 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 20, 2023”

    1. Alice;
      Are you talking about voting? If you are watching the video, look at the column to the right and you'll see "Recent Posts", which includes today's

  1. Rev. Schenck /Tim … I enjoyed your edutainment book, Holy Grounds & hope to get a copy in two church libraries as well as get them to invest in Equal Exchange coffee for post worship fellowship!

    Regarding celebrity bloggers, I found Anna Fitch Courie’s “Christ Walk” to be a great way to start challenging oneself to move each day!

  2. I'm enjoying LM again this year and thought you might like to know that if you type "" into the URL space, it will go directly without typing the www first! Food for thought!

  3. We have one of the big brackets on the bulletin board in our fellowship hall. Our Good Shepherd-Tomball Lent Madness Challenge is in full swing. Participants choose their final four and which saint will win the Golden Halo. The labels you posted for keeping our brackets up to date are very handy. I hope you'll post some more for us to use now so we're not wasting labels with names that are no longer in the running. I tried to edit the labels myself, but couldn't do it. I couldn't even figure out what font was used.