Monday Madness -- March 6, 2023

It's finally the moment you've all been waiting for! Well, since, last Monday anyway...

Tim and Scott are back with another thrilling and life-altering* episode of Monday Madness. *certain terms and conditions apply

This week's episode offers a teaser of a teaser for an unprecedented event coming your way. Sometime soon, the SEC will host a Facebook Live conversation in which they will take your questions and respond to your comments. Stay tuned for news! And if you have advance questions, you can leave them in the comments on this post. Who knows? They may make you famous!

Tim and Scott also discuss an upcoming saintly battle with a subtle theme. The more you know, the more fun you have with Lent Madness! Which is why you should really stop reading this and watch the video.


* indicates required

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19 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 6, 2023”

  1. Listening to the end of this episode, wondering if the SEC was privy to the drama on our church's Facebook page between our organist and everyone else when JS Bach went up against the mother foundress of the convent down the road...

  2. Wondering if the SEC has considered entering Sts. Tim and Scott in the bracket sometime? I mean, many of your previous choices are saints behaving badly, so…

  3. Scott,
    You look great after the ordeal
    you wènt through. Hope you have healed well You had been on my prayer list

  4. Even before you set the brackets, what went into your decision of which 32 nominees would be in Lent Madness for this year?

  5. Not surprised that Episcopalians were hooked on Hooker, poor Scholastica never stood a chance. No, I am not biased because I am an oblate of St Benedict.

    This Lenten Madness is ingenious and such a clever way to teach about those blessed saints, each one committed to the work of God mind, body and soul.

    So happy to see you looking well Scott, not to indicate that I am unhappy to see you looking well also Tim

  6. Can Simeon Bacos’s pronoun in the collect be changed to “they?” Should I address this to 815?

    1. I thought it was when I read the info.did my grandkid hack the laptop before they ever came to the house?

  7. I really DO get excited when I see that there's a new episode of Monday Madness. Tim and Scott make me laugh and put a smile on my face. The theme music is great too. Thanks to both of them and to those behind the scenes who work so hard to make Lent Madness fun, interesting and informative. Learning is, of itself, I believe, a worthy Lenten practice.

  8. The Bach echo voice was cool.
    Glad to hear that Bach is still in the running for the Golden Halo.
    Seattle vs. Boston is a cool matchup.
    Barney vs. Elmo was a cool matchup, too.
    Thank you for making Lent more interesting!

  9. Three Questions

    1] Why was the Russian spelling of "Kiev" used instead of the more proper Ukrainian "Kyiv" for Olga back on the 25th?

    2] Why will the Lent Madness webpage not load in Safari? I'd rather not have to use Firefox as it lacks some features found in Safari.

    3] What do we need to do to get Pittsburgh's popular Presbyterian pastor, Saint Fred of the Neighborhood, in the running? He is already depicted in stained glass in a window of at least one Episcopal Church (in the Diocese of Massachusetts, no less).

    1. Answer to second question. If you have registered with your email, go to email select it, read and vote, after your vote scroll down and post. You can always navigate the site from there and it is much easier. Also, you may want to check your tabs in you email to get through safari without any problems. All other questions please see Tom O’Brien or Greg Knight to draw upon their vast knowledge.

  10. Even if I agree with woke gender identity ideology, I heartily object to your writer, presumably approved by the executive committee, arbitrarily changing the eunuch's pronouns. By doing so the focus of the story in Acts has become about gender when the emphasis should be solely on how unchanging Scripture pointed (still points) to Jesus Christ, and the eunuch's response/obedience to it.

  11. Okay this is not fair ladies and gentlemen at all! You put 12 years a slave against chariots of fire for the sakes! Why not make us choose between Walt Disney and Michael Jackson? Who thought of today’s Saints we need a category that allows us to choose both ! And while we are at it, we need to be able to choose president and vice president of choice even if they both come from different parties to teach them cooperation and give spice to our nation!

  12. Can we do YouTube live as well? Not everyone still utilizes FB. Love Lent Madness. Still my favorite part of Lent. Have had so much fun and learned so much as well over the years. Thank you!

  13. Knowing that he is a talented organist ... is the wonderful theme music played by Fr. Scott Gunn?
    And,Fr. Tim - I've encouraged Scott to include the wonderful 20th century lay theologian, Verna Dozier, in Lent Madness - to no avail. I even tried to bribe him ... Are you open to being bribed?