Monday Madness -- Faithful Four Edition

We interrupt this Holy Week for a special program, the last in-season episode of Monday Madness. Tune in to watch Tim and Scott hold forth on the Faithful Four. They also discuss the mysterious day that comes after Tuesday in Holy Week but before Maundy Thursday. Hint: it involves both espionage AND voting.

Of course, it wouldn't be a true Monday Madness episode without some sales talk, and to fulfill this requirement, Scott and Tim mention the Easter books they've written. If you want them in time for Easter maybe try Amazon (Scott's book or Tim's book), but you can also order from Forward Movement (Tim's book or Scott's book). Or get instant gratification on your Kindle (Scott's book or Tim's book) right now, this very moment!

Lastly, and more importantly, they urge you to attend services at your church for the Three Holy Days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Eve. After all, that's what this is really all about.


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6 comments on “Monday Madness -- Faithful Four Edition”

  1. I, for one, have soooooo enjoyed playing "Lent Madness". You two should really do a daily blog as you both have a wonderful sense of humor. One question to you both, where did you meet? At Seminary? At a conference? To end my comment, you'll be greatly missed.

  2. I love Lent Madness. I wish that I could have been more consistent in my voting, but sometimes I was too late, I think. The opportunity to vote was no longer there. I loved learning about the new saints I discovered. It's too bad we will soon be a discontinued item!!
    Many thanks to Tim and Scott.

  3. The work that goes into letting us read and learn from saints that I have never heard of is such a good way for me to experience Lent. I learn something new each year and appreciate the two of you and your hard work.

    Thank you for making my Lenten season so rich and enjoyable. It is a serious season but God does not mind a laugh here and there. He had to have had a sense of humor, he created us!
    Happy Easter, Judith Seibold

  4. Such fun! I look forward every year to Lent Madness, from which I learn so much more that watching basketball.
    A blessed Holy Week to all.

    See you next year!

  5. Thank you Fathers Tim and Scott for a fun, informative, and thought -provoking season. Writing this from our chapel in Matawan, New Jersey where we get into Lent Madness with, well, devotion. Shout out to my fellow do-every-single-day in Holy Week churchgoers. Blessed Easter!

  6. This has been fun. I appreciate you both. You have more dry humor than the arid desert. Great fun for us. Thanks very much.