Top 10 Ways to Celebrate All Brackets' Day!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for: the unveiling of the 2024 Lent Madness bracket! Stay tuned for the SEC's color commentary on the bracket, highlighting some of the epic contests that will take place over the course of Lent Madness 2024. Right now you should read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the bracket. Then brag to all your friends about how you've memorized all the match-ups and can't wait for Lent to begin.

Lent Madness bracket

Click the image to see a larger version. Or you can download a PDF for printing your very own copy.

Once you have the bracket in your hot little hand, don't stop by simply posting it on your refrigerator. The Supreme Executive Committee offers a few suggestions for helping spread the Lent Madness word.

  1. Post a copy of the bracket on the front door of your church. In fact, why stop at your church? Channel your inner Martin Luther and nail the bracket to the doors of every church in your neighborhood. With giant Lenten nails!
  2. Get the bracket tattooed to your back. You'll be a big hit when you go swimming at the Y.
  3. Mail them out with all your Christmas cards this year. "Lent Madness: It's the Reason for the Season."
  4. Go to the mall and put them under the windshields of every car in the parking lot. For Jesus.
  5. Get front row seats at televised sporting events and hold up the bracket. Consider it the new John 3:16 sign. Rainbow wig optional.
  6. Turn the bracket into a sandwich board and wander through Times Square. Bonus points if you simultaneously hand out copies of the bracket as if you work for a discount electronics store.
  7. Staple a copy of the bracket to your dog's collar and let her roam around the neighborhood sans leash.
  8. Rent a helicopter (or “borrow” one) and make brackets rain down upon the local populace.
  9. Now that those Halloween pop-up stores have closed for the season, convert one into a Bracket pop-up store.
  10. Memorize all 16 matchups and yell them out to everyone on the village green like some kind of penitential town crier.

Feel free to share other ideas (with photo documentation) of course. They may just end up on the Lent Madness Facebook page.

Don't forget to order your very own 2024 Lent Madness Bracket Poster! They're just $15 each, or pay only ten bucks if you order five or more. Get one for home, one for the car, one for work, and one for everyone on your street. Your parish priest will be delighted when she or he sees you've added a bit of Lent Madness spirit by attaching a bracket to the altar frontal or pulpit. Pre-order now, and be among the first to enjoy the poster!

Remember, Advent is coming. Especially if you use purple vestments at your church, think of this as a dress rehearsal for Lent. You can keep your perspective by buying Lent-themed gifts for everyone on your shopping list this Christmas.

Happy Lent!


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11 comments on “Top 10 Ways to Celebrate All Brackets' Day!”

  1. Andrew the fisherman v Polycarp? Lazarus v Joseph of Aramethea? Gertrude v Gertrude. Rita & Zita. Just reading the bracket is great entertainment with my morning coffee.

    Maybe next year I’ll be drinking my coffee from a Claire of Assisi mug.

  2. I am already predicting that wither Thomas Cranmer or Julian of Norwich will claim the Golden Halo! Great set of saints this year!

  3. Another clever matching of saints...kudos to the SEC! Looking forward to learning about these saints, many of whom are unknown to me.

    Gertrude of Nivelles for the Golden Halo (per the instructions of my cats)!

  4. Respect for not naming the quadrants (thereby allowing each quadrant a more equal footing), in my opinion.

  5. You got me at “Get the bracket tattooed to your back. You'll be a big hit when you go swimming at the Y.” I swim at the Y every day. Will consider the tattoo…

  6. Here are my Lent themed gifts - dress or men's tie made of sack cloth; jewelry made of hand wrought nails; wine glass accessories or Christmas decorations of thorns; scarves of purple linen; Lamb ornaments of real lambs wool; broken in old sandals purchased at a thrift shop ...

  7. After Nominationtide, I made a list of everybody who had been nominated. There were 165 of them. Just now I compared the 2024 bracket to the nominations, and 20 of the 32 saints were nominees. I just thought that would be interesting to know. I've never done this before so I don't know how it compares to previous years.