Monday Madness is back!

The time you've been waiting for is here! Tim and Scott are back with the first pre-season episode of Monday Madness leading up to Lent Madness XV. This week they talk about the bracket for this year's competition, including a never-before-announced special feature new and exclusive to this year!

If you are looking for the Saintly Scorecard, they have some bad news. Due to...reasons, the Saintly Scorecard is not available in printed form this year. However, in their gracious generosity, Scott and Tim are going to provide a digital scorecard soon. It will be FREE of charge. Stay tuned for details. The good news is that the giant bracket poster is still available! You can buy your own bracket poster to follow along in style. And you probably want to get one for your church, your neighbors, and those nice people who sit across the aisle from you in church but you forgot their names. Since they're cheap, buy several!

And speaking of stuff to buy, Forward Movement, the proud sponsor of Lent Madness, are once again selling "Join the Journey through Lent," a colorable Lenten calendar poster. This fun calendar takes you through the season of Lent with suggestions for reflections and activities each day of Lent. You can color in your own calendar, so it's fun for all ages. (And there's an Easter one, too!) Buy yours right away, because they're likely to sell out.

With only thirty shopping days until Lent, you're going to want to get busy with suitably penitential gift items. And keep watch for the digital scorecard so you can study up on the saints. Meanwhile, we suggest a couple of excellent sources of information on the saints (first one and second one).

This is here for social media sharing and such. But if you like, you can print it out and frame it.


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21 comments on “Monday Madness is back!”

  1. So, no printed Saintly Scorecards this year. That leads to a couple of questions:

    1) Why are the printed scorecards still listed in the Lentorium?

    2) When will the digital scorecards become available? Those of us picking brackets in advance will be sorely tried if we don’t have the benefit of the Saintly Bloggers’ writeups in time.

    As always, thank you and your team for making this happen, and…

    …Happy Lent!

  2. I love the king size analog version of the bracket!
    I spend my whole work life doing digital stuff so writing on a beautiful poster the name of the winners of each contest is fun. Not to mention a great conversation starter. Looking forward to learning and laughing through lent.

  3. "However, in there gracious generosity, Scott and Tim are going to provide a digital scorecard soon." I think you mean **their** gracious generosity.

  4. Hooray for Lent Madness! I'm`+-really looking forward to it,
    "meeting" some new-to-me saints and re-connecting with some well-known ones.

    Happy Lent!

  5. I bought my 2024 bracket poster weeks back so I'm ready to go! I hope that the Avery labels with the names of the saints will be available for print out. They work great with the poster.

    Happy Lent!

  6. I paid $15.00 for a Lent Madness Poster. I have not received it! When can I expect it? The site is down tonight 1-15-24.

  7. Couldn't figure out how I missed the scorecard this year. Question answered! Have my bracket ordered for the traditional Lent Madness Bulletin board at church. Hip replacement in February, but still also hoping to do the traditional Lent Madness coffee pause in March. Can't wait for Ash Thursday!

  8. Great to see you again. I am looking forward to Lent madness 2024. I am sharing info about to my local parish so they can join in the fun too. Blessings

  9. Last year, you had a booklet available with information on the saints. Will that be available again this year? Or do you have a digital format that has information? I know the resources sell out quickly so I want to make sure I get them early! thanks!

  10. Please send me the information to print out my own scorecard. I think you indicated that printing it out would be possible.

  11. I am excited to start. Looked at some of the bracket and you are not making this easy for us -- never heard of Pachomius so especially looking forward to that one.
    Thank you for doing this.

  12. I am newly a senior warden and would like to do the Lent Madness!! I don't understand how to 'vote' on the Saints. Is this the site that I can copy and paste for people to use for voting. Of course I know you can not vote right now, but I need to get the emails started.

  13. The links to the resources for the saints doesn’t seem to work. Can you please post the name of the resources so that we can find them?

  14. Which social media sites will be used to share Lent Madness posts? Facebook? X? Others?

  15. I can't but believe that Hyacinth Bucket (oops, Bouquet!) will triumph over her sister, Rose. She then will most certainly receive the Golden Halo due to her diligence in making everyone's life orderly. Won't the Halo make a lovely centerpiece on her dining room table?

  16. When are we going to be able to access a Saintly Scorecard? Forward Movement originally stated mid-January - We kinda need it before Lent begins.

  17. So glad you are back!!!! We are preparing our Lenten Reflection Bags, given to all ages prior to Ash Wednesday. They are filled with Lenten practices, prayers, crosses, etc. This year we want to include the Lent Madness bracket. When will it be available, as you noted in your podcast? Thank you