Monday Madness -- February 19, 2024

It's time for another not-to-be-missed episode in the epic, award-winning* series, Monday Madness! Tim and Scott are back with a preview of the coming battles in Lent Madness XV.

Though Lent has been under way for a few days, you might still be looking for a suitable Lenten penance. May we recommend watching the entire oeuvre of Lent Madness?

Stay tuned for next week's episode, which will be every bit as good as this week's show. We promise.

* Certain claims in this sentence may be dramatized or exaggerated.


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14 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 19, 2024”

  1. Voting was very easy today, unlike yesterday where I had to prove multiple times that I was not a robot. And I knew I was not...

  2. Something about my iPad vs. captcha vs. my (apparently) thick thumb numbskulledness has led to trouble voting every day so far.
    Thomas Cranmer (no doubt) appreciated my non-vote meant for him, not the apostle.
    Hyacinth won the day, but my comment wasn’t accepted (someone else wrote what I wrote?!)
    Kassala won despite my bridge/crosswalk/motorcycle ID prowess.
    And today I tried on an old iMac, but Canaire is doing fine without me.

  3. I have been fortunate and have been able to cast my vote each day without incident. A huge thanks, however, goes to the SEC and to those behind the scenes for their efforts to ensure that all are able to participate in this fun and educational experience. It is a wonderful way to strengthen one's spiritual walk, and I look forward to it each year.

  4. At Church of the Resurrection in Pleasant Hill, CA we have a Lenten Madness contest going on. We each fill out the chart and put in $10, who ever wins get to choose which charity the money goes to. It's very fun. Who thought we were this competitive?

  5. My friend from our New York parish and I are delighted that this year includes ever more significant women who have somehow become lost in the mists of time. It would be wonderful if someone would collect all these fascinating stories into a single volume and it would be even more satisfying if this book became required reading in every seminary. Also a copy should be sent to the Vatican.

  6. I realize it's a little thing and you are perhaps right to make light of it in this week's Monday Madness, but the spelling errors on the online bracket are distracting.


    1. Try voting on a computer. I had to stab the vote selection circle repeatedly to vote in the Monday march-up on my iPad. It finally worked, but it took some time. Would probably have been quicker to have just gotten my MacBook and used it.

  7. I am really enjoying Lent Madness and have no problems voting. Wishing you both a deep Lenten experience. I have been sharing your emails with fellow parishioners here at St Peter's Anglican Church in Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada.


  8. I loved the idea of passing off typos as deliberate acknowledge of man's inability to achieve perfection. However, although that has its appeal, I rather suspect, as a dyslexic calligrapher, that would not fly in my line of work.
    Still, all shall be well.
    Happy Lent.

  9. Re the umlaut, since English-language typewriters lack umlauts on the primary keyboard, the simplest way of avoiding the umlaut is the standard German variations: the a-umlaut can be written as 'ae', the o-umlaut as 'oe', and the u-umlaut as 'ue'. The interchangeability is evident, for example, with the standard spelling of Goethe, Germany's Shakespeare. Thus, it is accepted German spelling to write 'Mühlenberg' as 'Muehlenberg.' You'll have to forgive the college named for him for taking the easy way out.

    Geoff Orth