Monday Madness -- March 11, 2024

It's time to roll out the purple carpet as the Academy Lent Madness Global Viewing public tunes in to this week's episode of Monday Madness. Tim and Scott are back this week, still reeling from their annual snub at the Oscars. Maybe it's time for the Academy to add new categories, such as "Best Video from an Online Lenten Devotional by Episcopalians" or perhaps "Best Split-Screen YouTube Series Running More than Ten Seasons."

Tim and Scott are pleased to answer viewer mail this week. If you want to have YOUR question answered, please leave a comment on the Lent Madness website, and the SEC will possibly answer your question.

And in the meantime, enjoy this FULL WEEK of Saintly Sixteen action that extends before you.


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16 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 11, 2024”

  1. If it were possible, you'd have my vote for an Academy Award, Emmy, and Golden Globe! Though I am not Catholic, I have worked almost 10 years at a Catholic institution of higher education -- Go Saints! -- and have enjoyed being enlightened by Lent Madness. I have learned so much about the Saints (religious kind, not our school students/athletes) through this annual competition. I recommend it to all our students, faculty, and staff. It's fun and edifying. Bless you for taking the time every year to do this!

  2. Strange! I read about the "saints" earlier in the day on my phone but did not have time to vote but now I cannot read about them on here and cannot vote. Do they close up shop at 8pm??

  3. How does the SEC pick which saints will appear in Lent Madness--not the matchups but who will be in each season?

  4. I did not receive a ballot today!! Unsure why. Please advise this not very computer knowledgeable person about what to do. (It probably doesn't help that I'm in the Pacific Time Zone).

    1. Even if you do not get an email reminding you to go to the website, you can always go directly to and find the most recent match up (today, 13 March 2024, is Adomnan of Iona vs Cornelius the Centurion) and then click on the (more . . .) link to be taken to the full page with the two write ups and the voting option, along with the comments.

      I have had bookmarked in all my browsers for well over a decade now. I get a lot of email, I don't need more, so I just remember to go to the website to vote.

  5. A question for the Supreme Executive Committee:
    It has been noised about The Episcopal Church that Scott has been given the power and responsibility of choosing the actual Pantene color for the 81st General Convention Blue Book (which may or may not be actually printed). Is this choice at all dependent on who gets the Golden Halo this year? Or is there some more nefarious process behind it?

    1. Excellent question.

      Though I would think the Blue Book would be the same blue as found in the flag of The Episcopal Church, which does already have an official Pantone color number which, per , is Blue: Pantone 660 C (Web #407EC9). There is also a light blue used as one of two blues in the mitre in the logo of General Convention which would also be a nice shade to use.

      And yes, it is interesting that the only letters in the Web # are EC, as in Episcopal Church. Nice how that worked out.

  6. Your dry humor is greatly appreciated by those of us stuck out here in a never-ending winter, hoping spring starts soon. Voting relieves the tension by distracting my attention from weather to saints. Thanks for the fun.

  7. Dear SEC, any tidings of Oliver Age __? It has been many years since I've seen Oliver's comments, although I don't read all comments each day. Perhaps Oliver Age __ is grown up and now a silent, secret member of the SEC. Are there silent or secret members of the SEC?

    Judy, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

  8. Please look into why my Lent Madness daily email is always a day late, I.e., I receive the previous day’s matchup.

    I have been going to the lent madness sight to read the matchup material and vote.

    Thank you, it is a really fun activity .

  9. No Oscar for the SEC, alas, but, on the other hand, no shortage of the fabled comic "Lentenergy"!

  10. This is the 1st time I have participated in Lent Madness. I find it very fun to learn about all these holy people. Oh, and you two are hysterical!

  11. Question 1

    There are 13 Saints shown on the title card at the beginning of the Monday Madness videos and 17 Saints, including the aforementioned 13, on the bottom of the 2024 Bracket. I have an idea of who some of them might be, but it would be nice if somewhere on the website there as a key as to who was who, if they have been a Lent Madness contestant for the Golden Halo and if so when, and if any of them are Golden Halo winners.

    Question 2

    The year after next, 2026, will be the 17th year of Lent Madness. To mark that year, what do you think about bringing back the Saints who finished in the top two of each of the 16 years (2010-2025) and having them compete for a Platinum Halo? Having the top two would give you the starting 32 without even having to listen to all of us who chime in during one Nominationtide or another to suggest that Saint Fred of the Neighborhood should totally be given a spot on the Bracket. (You might not have won any Oscars yet again, but you'll still be welcomed in Saint Fred's heavenly neighborhood.)

  12. Hello Scott and Tim.
    THANK YOU. Just listening to you 2 days late.

    Thanks for Lentmadness.
    And, today, thanks for the LOL about Episcopalians always sitting in the same pew.
    AND thanks for the LOL for the pencil vote on a hundred dollar bill.

    And Tim, I just finished Holy Grounds. Excellent, I enjoyed it very much. But now I'm drinking too much coffee.