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Zenaida vs. Nicholas of Myra

Congratulations! You survived another weekend devoid of voting. We realize this can cause Itchy Mouse Finger Syndrome (IMFS) for which we recommend sleeping all weekend. But, sleepers wake! For it is time to begin the last FULL week of Lent Madness 2019. As a reminder, on Friday, Gobnait washed away Paula of Rome 73% to […]

Gobnait vs. Paula of Rome

In yesterday’s Saintly Sixteen pairing, Pandita Ramabai trounced Marguerite d’Youville 62% to 38% to advance to the Elate Eight vs. William Wilberforce. And, yes, Pandita, much like the Grinch, stole Lent from all the d’Yous down in d’Youville. Today’s battle features Gobnait vs. Paula of Rome for a chance to square off against Ignatius of […]

Marguerite d’Youville vs. Pandita Ramabai

In yesterday’s Biblical battle, Photini defeated Tabitha 58% to 42%, setting up an intriguing Elate Eight matchup with Martha of Bethany. Today it’s Canadian vs. Indian as Marguerite d’Youville faces Pandita Ramabai. You’ll recall that Pandita made it this far by barely sneaking past Damien of Molokai in the closest ever Lent Madness vote, while […]

Tabitha vs. Photini

In yesterday’s matchup between the Golden Mouthed John Chrysostom and the Harp of the Holy Spirit Ephrem of Nisibis, the bishop plucked the deacon 74% to 26% to advance to the Elate Eight. Today, we’re back up to the Biblical quadrant of the bracket as Tabitha takes on Photini. The winner of this battle will […]

John Chrysostom vs. Ephrem of Nisibis

In yesterday’s saintly action, Ignatius of Loyola closed the door on Marina the Monk 60% to 40%, paving the way to the Elate Eight. He’ll face the winner of Gobnait vs. Paula of Rome in the next round. Today John Chrysostom squares off against Ephrem of Nisibis, as bishop meets deacon for a shot at […]

Ignatius of Loyola vs. Marina the Monk

We’re back for an ENTIRE WEEK OF THE SAINTLY SIXTEEN! Yes, there’s a parallel basketball tournament going on that some folks — even many in our ranks — think is “sweet” or “elite.” But over here, it’s saintly and elate. (For the college basketball aficionados among us, be honest. How many times have you accidentally […]

William Wilberforce vs. Richard Allen

A week that saw us transition from the Round of 32 to the Saintly Sixteen, winds up with a matchup between a man who dedicated his life to the abolition of the slave trade and a man who was born into slavery. William Wilberforce and Richard Allen square off for a spot in the Elate […]

Martha of Bethany vs. Nicodemus

Welcome to the Saintly Sixteen! From 32 saints we have narrowed the field to 16. For this round, rather than the basic biographical information we enter the realm of Quirks and Quotes. Our brilliant Celebrity Bloggers will provide unusual information or legends surrounding their saints along with quotes either by or about their saints. Don’t […]

Eglantyne Jebb vs. Catherine Winkworth

Today in Lent Madness, it’s the last matchup of the Saintly Sixteen as Eglantyne Jebb squares off against Catherine Winkworth in the Lent Dome. To get to this round Eglantyne routed Seraphim of Sarov while Catherine upset Isaac Watts. If you had a big weekend and/or your memory is shaky, on Friday Martin de Porres […]

Martin de Porres vs. Dymphna

Today in the Saintly Smackdown©, Martin de Porres faces Dymphna, as we move between 17th century Peru and 7th century Belgium. To get to the Saintly Sixteen, Martin eased past John of Beverley while Dympha defeated Gertrude of Nivelles. Yesterday, Phocas the Gardener took down Katharina von Bora 60% to 40% to advance to the […]