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John Wesley vs. Charles Wesley

Ah, this long anticipated family battle has finally arrived. Methodist Meltdown, Fratricide-apalooza, whatever you choose to call it, today’s match-up will be epic. While they share a Collect, today the sibling rivalry will be bitter. A fitting end to the Round of 32 as tomorrow we kick off the Round of the Saintly Sixteen. Yesterday, […]

Joseph Schereschewsky vs. Harriet Bedell

What’s in a name? Fortunately for Harriet Bedell, this contest won’t be decided by the number of letters in one’s name. In this category Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereshewsky would not only win 30 to 13 but he’d run the entire Lent Madness table. Two fascinating stories, two amazingly saintly lives, yet only one will move […]

Phillips Brooks vs. Simeon

And…we’re back for another week of hard-hitting, halo-busting Lent Madness action! Today we have a battle between a renowned 19th century preacher and an aged Biblical figure who held the newborn Jesus in his arms. It’s “O Little Town of Bethlehem” vs. the Nunc Dimittis as can only happen in Lent Madness. This week we’ll […]

Nicholas Ridley vs. John of the Cross

Will John of the Cross get “rid” of Ridley? Or will Nicholas Ridley “crucify” John of the Cross? These are the questions that emerge when an English martyr faces a Spanish mystic. Enjoy the last saintly square-off of the week and stay tuned for more Madness on Monday as Phillips Brooks takes on Simeon. Yesterday […]

Thomas Merton vs. Aelred

The photograph vs. the icon points to the 800 years standing between these two giants of monasticism, Thomas Merton and Aelred of Rivaulx. And by “standing” we mean amid the blue grass of Kentucky for the one and among the moors of North Yorkshire, England for the other. While we generally try to keep any […]

Louis of France vs. Thomas Gallaudet

Will the people of St. Louis, Missouri, rise up to support their namesake or will the alumni of Gallaudet University emerge in force? Will the people of France cry “Mon Dieu!” and vote for Louis or will the Deaf community throughout the world come together in support of Thomas? These questions, and probably more, will be answered […]

Catherine of Alexandria vs. Catherine of Siena

If your name happens to be Catherine (or Katherine or Cate or Katy or even Katharine — like  a certain Presiding Bishop of a certain mainline denomination) this is your day. No matter which Catherine emerges victorious — of Alexandria or of Siena — you win! Of course after 24 hours one Catherine will be […]

Lydia vs. Moses the Black

We trust everyone survived their weekend-long bout with LMW (Lent Madness Withdrawal). We realize it’s tough to make it through an entire two days devoid of saintly voting. Yet congratulations are in order as you have all made it through this agonizing “wilderness” experience. The good news is that another full week of intense Lent […]

J.S. Bach vs. Alfred the Great

Today’s battle between musician and king is one of the more intriguing pairings of Lent Madness 2014. While on seemingly disparate paths, both J.S. Bach and Alfred the Great were fighters. Well, Bach once tangled with a bassoonist and Alfred fought Vikings but you get the point. However this match-up turns out, we know Bach […]

James Holly vs. Harriet Beecher Stowe

Here’s a match-up that may have you scratching your hair shirt. James Theodore Holly, pioneering African-American bishop and missionary versus Harriet Beecher Stowe, author and abolitionist. Two 19th century figures who had a major impact upon race relations in the United States and abroad. Yesterday F.D. Maurice defeated David of Wales in a day that […]