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Brigid of Kildare vs. Elizabeth

A choice between two women today, one from 5th century Ireland and the other from Biblical times. Brigid of Kildare, whose theme song, based on her penchant for giving material possessions to the needy, may well be the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Give it Away Now” faces Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, whose […]

Francis of Assisi vs. John Wycliffe

Who’s ready for another full week of hard-hitting saintly action? Well, clearly YOU are since a) you’re reading this and b) you’ve  been hitting “refresh” on your web browser continually since 7:50 am EST just in case the SEC erred and posted this matchup a few minutes early.  After an entire weekend experiencing LMW (Lent […]

Dorcas vs. Frederick Douglass

Occasionally the SEC adds matchups based on little more than (deeply prayerful) whim. This isn’t such a case, mind you, but we do sometimes get jazzed by things like alliteration. Thus, today it’s Dorcas vs. Douglass. That has a certain saintly ring to it, don’t you think? The winner faces Juan Diego in the Saintly Sixteen. […]

Bede vs. Cuthbert

Sure, almost everything we know about Cuthbert, we learned through the writings of Bede. Had Bede known that he would one day square off against Cuthbert in the saintly smackdown, perhaps he would have written a different tune? Nonetheless, these two face one another in a rare battle of contemporaries. The winner will go up […]

William Laud vs. Kamehameha

Ah, a battle between an Archbishop of Canterbury and a king. That seems rather familiar. But the real question is, which island will emerge victorious in this matchup between William Laud and Kamehameha? England or Hawaii? Whoever it is, the winner will advance to face David Oakerhater in the next round. Yesterday’s battle between Thecla […]

John Keble vs. Thecla

Today we experience something of a time warp, traveling from the 19th century back to the days of the early church. We encounter John Keble — priest, poet, academic, and major player in the revival of the Church of England and Thecla — companion of the apostle Paul and passionate pursuer of holiness. In yesterday’s saintly […]

Hadewijch vs. Juan Diego

As Lent Madness voting resumes for the week, we encounter Hadewijch and Juan Diego, two outsiders in their own unique ways. In case you’re wondering about the pronunciation, Hadewijch rhymes with hate-a-witch (if you’re either a Wiccan or from Salem, Massachusetts, please don’t get offended).  In the only Saturday match-up of Lent Madness 2015, Molly Brant […]

Swithun vs. Molly Brant

“Wait, St. Swithun was a real person?” We get that a lot. “Wait, Molly Brant was a real person?” We never get that. Nonetheless, welcome to the first and only Saturday match-up of Lent Madness 2015. Go ahead, sleep late and dally over your coffee while you read about these two saintly souls. But don’t get […]

Teresa of Avila vs. David Oakerhater

Today’s match-up between Teresa of Avila and David Oakerhater is Lent Madness at its confounding best. A 16th century Spanish mystic vs. a 19th century Native American deacon. How can you possibly compare these saintly apples and oranges? Well, that’s the challenge you’re confronted with on this second day of Lent Madness 2015 and you […]

Gregory the Illuminator vs. Brendan the Navigator

And thus it all begins: Ash Thursday is finally upon us. Hang onto your halos as we start “navigating” the bracket and “illuminating” the lives of 32 saints throughout this Lenten season. All are worthy (yes, they have already received their respective crowns of glory) yet only one will attain the coveted Golden Halo. Along […]