You've Seen the Movie. Now Buy the Book!

February 22, 2012
Scott Gunn

Calendar of Saints: Lent Madness 2012 EditionBy now you have surely discovered the Lent Madness Channel with our weekly webcasts of Monday Madness. Well, friends, there is good news. The book that goes behind the movie is now available. It's only $6.99 for Kindle or Nook (ebook only!). Calendar of Saints: Lent Madness 2012 Edition is the ultimate guidebook for Lent Madness and devotional handbook for the saints of the Episcopal Church.

Back in 1972 (before Holy Women, Holy Men was a glimmer in anyone's eye), Canon David Veal wrote a book for Forward Movement called Saints Galore! It was popular. So popular that it was reprinted and updated a bunch of times, most recently in 2004. Canon Veal write brief devotional essays about each saint in the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church. These essays were intended to convey something of God's grace at work in the saints and to inspire us with the idea that God might work in our lives too.

For Lent Madness, Forward Movement decided to update Canon Veal's book. For the most part, we left his good work as it stands, just freshening things up a bit here and there. We added all the saints who have been added to the calendar up through General Convention 2009. And as a Lent Madness BONUS, we added all the saints who are in Lent Madness this year, but who are not in the official calendar of the Episcopal Church. So this is the definitive book if you want to follow along for Lent Madness.

But more than that, this book is an inspiring survey of some extraordinary folks. Each essay ends with a brief prayer. These are not collects, because we don't intend the book for liturgical use, but rather for personal devotional use. Of course, the saints in the 2012 bracket are duly noted.

Saints who appear only in the trial use Holy Women, Holy Men of the Episcopal Church are not included here. We will probably publish a new collection of saints after General Convention later this year.

This is a great way to learn more about the ways in which God's grace can shine in the hearts of faithful women and men of every generation. And it's yours for only $6.99. You can buy it for Kindle or Nook, and ask us if you want it in other formats (besides paper). You buying this won't make the authors rich, but the proceeds will be reinvested in an even bigger, better Lent Madness 2013. Why not buy several copies of Calendar of Saints: Lent Madness 2012 Edition as gifts?


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16 comments on “You've Seen the Movie. Now Buy the Book!”

  1. Don't you guys have, like, sermons to write or ashes to impose or something? - A Concerned Colleague

    1. Hi, Cynthia Hallas!--I have ashes and sermons which is probably why I am on Facebook in the middle of the afternoon. Saw your name and just had to say hi, old friend! I am Rector of Atonement, Westfield in the Diocese of Western Mass--and Bill is lead guide at a restored historic village nearby. And the kids have all flown the coop. How about you?

  2. guys, I don't own a kindle or a nook or an ipad. 20 bookes yclad in black and redde or something like that (it's a few more, but that's inflation for you)..what other format might you be willing to conjure up?

  3. judithio,

    For this particular book, there won't be a paper version. If you called Forward Movement, we could send you a (rare!) copy of the 2004 edition of Calendar of Saints. Or you could borrow a friend's Kindle and photocopy the whole thing (with our permission). Or you can wait until later this year, long after Lent Madness, when we'll most likely issue a new paper version of the book.


  4. With my now-heavier Kindle in hand with the newly downloaded Calendar of Saints, my ordered and soon promised large Lent Madness 2012 mug and my ashes (5:30 CDT service) I am set, or will there be logo pajamas, nightshirts, hats, umbrellas, jackets, etc.,etc. to follow? Next year maybe a large desktop calendar. The future looks great...... Maybe 60 Minutes is next.

    1. John Ozier,
      At least the pledge drive appears to only happen once a year! 😉
      Bye, gotta go to my Kindle for PC account.

      1. I forgot. I want the tote/shopping bag with the brackets filled in.
        Never enough bags, even if I leave them in the car when I go shopping.

  5. Now that I have the book on my Kindle, when will it be indexed so that I can quickly access the bios for my favorite saints? At this point, it is not user friendly.

    1. Hi Marty, the search function on Kindle seems to work pretty well for this. You just search for the name of the name, and it will show you right where their entry is (plus other times they are mentioned).

      Also, there's a calendar listing of saints in the front, but I understand that might be tricky for folks who don't have the kalendar memorized!

      Let me know if search won't do the trick.

      1. Apparently the search function is case-sensitive which is why I couldn't get it to work yesterday when I was using all lower-case. Thanks for your help. You've got my vote when you come up in the bracket.

  6. I love the idea of the Kindle/Nook book: does it include the 2011 bracket saints, too? Alternately, is there an archive area where I can refresh my memory re: who was on the list last year?