Monthly Archives: January, 2013

World Premiere — Monday Madness Theme Song

In their never-ending dedication to you, the fans of Lent Madness, the Supreme Executive Committee searched across the globe for the perfect theme music for Monday Madness. Here is the result of that worldwide search: Tune in every Monday (in season) for a new episode of Monday Madness. You can watch the complete oeuvre on […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Canon Heidi Shott

Celebrity Blogger Week continues with the irrepressible Heidi Shott. Most closely identified with Queen Emma, last year’s Cinderella saint, Heidi has turned down numerous offers of free trips to the Aloha State. Something about being impartial. Plus she’s nervous about the chances of Damien of Molokai this Lent. Heidi Shott, entering her second year as a Celebrity […]

The Lent Madness Emporium. Or Lentorium.

Lent Madness isn’t just about saints, discipleship, voting, formation, and chuckles. Like the rest of our culture, it’s about commerce. So here’s your chance to stock up on Lent Madness goodies. First of all, you can’t tell the players without a program. Get thee to the Kindle or Nook stores and buy a copy of […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: The Rev. Penny Nash

Celebrity Blogger Week continues at Lent Madness with a profile of veteran CB Penny Nash. While Penny is an actual priest serving in Colonial Williamsburg, we assume she regularly gets mistaken for a period actor. It’s not true that she moonlights as a blacksmith. The Rev. Penny Nash, one of the four original Celebrity Bloggers, is […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: The Rev. Megan Castellan

Celebrity Blogger Week continues with another newly minted Lent Madness participant. As our missionary to Arizona, Megan has been tasked with yodeling the results of each day’s voting into the Grand Canyon. The Rev. Megan Castellan is the Episcopal chaplain at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona. She preaches all around the northern portion of Arizona, […]

Monday Madness — January 28, 2013

While Maple Anglican was busy making a video about this weekend’s play-in between John Donne and T. S. Eliot, the Supreme Executive Committee came up with this. This week, Scott and Tim talk about Celebrity Blogger Week, as well as all the Lent Madness stuff you should go out and buy. Hint: start your collection […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: The Rev. Laurie Brock

Welcome to Celebrity Blogger Week here at Lent Madness! It’s kind of like (the over-hyped) Shark Week but instead of sharp teeth you get the biting commentary of some of the nation’s best Episcopal bloggers. Every day this week, we’ll introduce you to one of our amazing Celebrity Bloggers — the folks who will be illuminating the lives of the […]

Bracketology 101

As we discovered last year, many congregations successfully used Lent Madness as a parish-wide devotion. It’s actually a terrific way to make for a livelier coffee hour as parishioners engage in heated debates and engage in fisticuffs over their saintly picks. Plus it gets people to focus on something other than the rector’s not-so-hot sermon. […]

Free Lent Madness Article!

Do you edit a parish or diocesan newsletter? Do you have a Lenten issue coming out? Are you desperate for material? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this post is for you. You see, here at Lent Madness we take seriously our commitment to make your life easier. We know you’re busy […]

Press Release: Lent Madness 2013 is Nigh!

Here’s the annual “Lent Madness is nigh!” press release. Free free to give it to the news editor of your local paper or any network news anchors who might happen to attend your parish. Free mugs to anyone who gets national or global news coverage for Lent Madness. If you secure a national prime-time television special about […]