Music for your ears

March 17, 2013
Scott Gunn

Purple PhoneBecause the Supreme Executive Committee cares about you, the Lent Madness public, we are offering you a gift. Specifically, we are giving the gift of Lent Madness music to those of you with iPhones and Android phones. Now you and everyone around you can think of Lent Madness whenever you receive various robocalls and misdials.

For iPhone users, here are the ringtones for the two bits of Lent Madness music -- one and two. To get these ringtones, download the files to your computer. To download them, you'll probably need to right-click the links and then click "Save as..." Open iTunes. Drag the files onto your music library in iTunes. Sync your phone. Presto, you now have a couple of new ringtones.

For Android users, here are the two ringtones -- one and two. Since the SEC uses iPhones exclusively, we have no idea how to install these, but we think these files are in the correct format. Maybe someone can tell us how it works and post in the comments.

We think these will work on your phone. If not, then remember you get what you pay for. You're welcome. Having problems? Ask a teenager at your church for help.

Lastly, if you didn't get a chance to view the music video for these ring tones, watch it right now. Kudos to Maestro Shiloh Roby from Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati, OH.


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23 comments on “Music for your ears”

  1. I am sorry to say that BlackBerry doesn't approve of Lent Madness. The ring tones are silent. I will ask Shiloh for a personal recital to record. We will overcome.

  2. I don't care as much about the ring tones, but I WOULD like to have that purple phone ---

  3. As a diehard fan of the Washington football team, I can only approve of ringtone 2. The other represents a rival who has won Super Bowls more recently than we have (although not more we have). It is NOT approved for use in our hearing.

  4. The SEC may only use iPhones, but they certainly don't seem to use Macs of any sort: we don't "right-click". Maybe that's why nothing downloads from clicking the links provided.

  5. Lovely, but what is that funny-looking purple thing in the picture? The clairvoyatron's cousin?

  6. Luddites with Non-Smart communication devices (aka Imbe-cells) must set our phones on vibrate and, upon the arrival of a call, should then burst into a rousing scat version of Mr. Roby's splendid arrangements, adding a tasteful Lenten "Yeah!" at the end. (Fist pump optional.) P.S., I am particualarly fond of "Forty Days and Forty Nights."

    1. Peg, you are brilliant! I'm a technophobe and as dumb as my old phone. I was feeling left out until your D.I.Y ringtone suggestion. Spontaneous snippets of hymns belted out in halls and malls - Lent Madness indeed! Love it.

      "There's no app for that!" : )

      1. If you read the Facebook posts on this, the SEC has some fabulous suggestions involving duct tape.

  7. Nothing says Lent like the dulcet tones of a church organ.

    Okay, for those Android and Windows users, there's a process you must use to convert the audio files to an MP3 format so that it can be used as a ringtone without asking your kids or younger members of your congregation. Some of us old folks decided not to peak early on in their lives and not embrace a Jitterbug cellphone!

    Go to Zamzar, a free conversion program that is safe to use and will not download any viruses or McNasty's to your computer:

    On step one, choose the option to select URL of the files you wish to convert and then copy and past the URL of the music file and select the format you wish to convert the file to; I'd suggest the MP3 format.

    The file will be converted and sent to the email address you select. Once you have received the download link in your inbox, download it. More than likely, it will go into your 'Downloads' folder, if using Windows.

    Once the file has downloaded, simply connect your phone to your computer via USB cord and drag and drop the MP3 file to your phone's audio files. First, make sure your phone is connected to your PC as a disk drive.

    Next, open up Windows Explorer (the folder icon at the task bar on the bottom of the screen) or go to Start>Computer and you'll see a list of folders listed on the left-hand side. Open up the 'Downloads' folder and locate the MP3 file, then drag-and-drop the file to your phone, which you should be able to see under the 'Computer' files.

    Then, all that's left is to prepare for the boogie!

  8. Correction: Your phone may appear as 'Removable Disk Drive' on the Windows folder menu.

  9. Dear Supreme Executive Council - God hasn't evenly distributed teens to all parishes, especially here in God's waiting room in small FL parishes. Being a barren older lady that God hasn't found a reason to bless with a child - ... finding a teen to help? Not so easy ! Carpe Diem!

  10. Please remind us: how/where should we contact you to let you know about additional voters such as grandchildren using the same computer to vote? I don't want to be cast into outer darkness under suspicion of vote fraud!!