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Frances Perkins Wins Lent Madness 2013 Golden Halo!

Congratulations to 2013 Golden Halo Winner — Frances Perkins! Statement Released by Frances Perkins (As told to the Supreme Executive Committee) I must say I feel very much at home even though I just arrived. I feel at home because Lent Madness has, ever since it was established, been a sort of special concern of […]

For the Golden Halo: Frances Perkins vs. Luke the Evangelist

Well, friends, we began this Lent Madness journey over five weeks ago on “Ash Thursday.” We started with 32 saints and have now whittled the field down to two: Frances Perkins and Luke the Evangelist. While there’s been lots of talk about modern saints vs. “bedrock” saints and the “fairness” of it all, in the […]

What is Spy Wednesday?

As you know, the Supreme Executive Committee has been promoting Spy Wednesday as the day for the final battle for the Golden Halo. Several of you have asked us about the name Spy Wednesday. Ever willing to educate and inspire, we are only too happy to oblige. Spy Wednesday gets its name because this is the day on […]

Luke the Evangelist vs. Oscar Romero

The Faithful Four continues today as Luke the Evangelist and Oscar Romero vie for a shot at Frances Perkins and the coveted Golden Halo. To get to this point, Oscar sailed past Elizabeth Ann Seton, Lucy, and Florence Li Tim-Oi while Luke defeated Absalom Jones, John Donne, and Dorothy Day. In yesterday’s contest, after Hilda of Whitby […]

Monday Madness — March 25, 2013

Tim and Scott are back for another action-packed episode of Monday Madness. Tune in to hear them discuss the Faithful Four and life after Lent Madness. Also, they settle the question of whether or not the SEC knows the outcomes ahead of time. Don’t forget to watch every episode of Monday Madness, both series one […]

Frances Perkins vs. Hilda of Whitby

“The End is Near!” proclaims the ubiquitous sign of the doomsday prophet. In the case of Lent Madness 2013, our sign-wielding friend would be correct. Welcome to the Faithful Four. After weeks of learning and voting and debating, the saintly field has been whittled down from 32 to four spiritual heavyweights: Frances Perkins, Hilda of Whitby, […]

Luke the Evangelist vs. Dorothy Day

With this our final round of Saintly Kitsch, the last spot in the Faithful Four is up for grabs. After a close race, Hilda of Whitby snuck by Harriet Tubman yesterday to join Frances Perkins and Oscar Romero as Lent Madness semi-finalists. Today it’s Luke the Evangelist squaring off against Dorothy Day. Will the writer of […]

Harriet Tubman vs. Hilda of Whitby

The ever-kontroversial Saintly Kitsch Week continues with a tough choice between Harriet Tubman and Hilda of Whitby. Harriet made it thus far by storming past Nicholas Ferrar and Martha of Bethany. Hilda of Whitby made it to the Elate Eight by overwhelming Samuel Seabury before holding off a pesky Ignatius of Antioch. The winner of this match-up will earn […]

Florence Li Tim-Oi vs. Oscar Romero

Well, we hope you enjoyed your first foray into the round of Saintly Kitsch. If you didn’t, that’s a shame since we’re all kitsch, all the time here at Lent Madness for the rest of the week. Yesterday Frances Perkins continued her Cinderella-like run through the bracket defeating Jonathan Daniels in heavy voting to earn a […]

Jonathan Daniels vs. Frances Perkins

And then there were eight. Through your voting and politicking and advocating and agonizing, we have collectively whittled down the field of 32 saints to a mere eight as we continue our march to the 2013 Golden Halo. Welcome to the Round of the Elate Eight, aka the Round of Saintly Kitsch. Here are the […]