Monthly Madness -- May 2013

As we are out of season -- that is, out of the Lenten season -- the Supreme Executive Committee will be releasing monthly videos instead of weekly videos. So stay tuned to the Lent Madness Video Channel for Monthly Madness.

This month's episode is a review of the recent Spring Retreat of the Supreme Executive Committee. As you know, the SEC meets in a highly secure location to discern the bracket for Lent Madness. Believe us, an excellent bracket is about to be released to the world. This video will give you a preview. Or will it? Watch it all to find out.

The bracket for Lent Madness 2014 will be announced soon. If you are hoping to see Mr. Rogers among the elect, don't hold your breath.

video captureThis is here for social media sharing, or in case you want to print out a screen capture to post on your refrigerator at home. We know you love to have souvenirs of Lent Madness videos, such as printouts on your fridge. For a modestly exorbitant fee, the SEC will come autograph your fridge (as long as it's purple).


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24 comments on “Monthly Madness -- May 2013”

  1. Oh, I hate it that I can't see these videos!! And too bad about Mr. Rogers -- waiting for the Presbyterians to come up with a calendar of holy people might be longer than waiting for the rapture. No doubt Mr. Rogers already has a golden halo.

  2. It almost seems like Scott and Tim have given up their archnemesis permanently. They seemed awfully chummy for not being in Lent.

    Loved the 'breakout sessions'.

    R0g, as he was known in our house, got my kids on the other side of a fair number of tantrums
    back in the day. Have you guys spoken with your mothers about this?

    1. I'm with Mary W ! What's with the SEC close-knitness ? You guys have a reputation to uphold and you are letting the faithful few down with this smiling and being agreeable. Stop it ! You're spoiling an image that was carefully crafted and perfected. If there's anything upon which to agree, it's this: WHERE IS THE 2013 GOLDEN HALO MUG????? Surely Frances Perkins' kith and kin have approved her image to grace the new mug by now. I want a new mug...Mary Mags mug is getting grubby looking.

  4. I particularly enjoyed that they've been discerning. Lord knows what would happen without a lot of deep discernment, and latte art......can't wait until next year!

  5. i am in total agreement with Barbara Crafton. Mr. Rogers BELONGS on the bracket. when my son was little and had to take medicine for whatever reason, he would sit in front of the TV and take it for Mr. Rogers-my suggestion-it worked. it was a Holy moment for me. my daughters learned so much too from him. I will not boycott LM, but I am semi upset!!

    1. Linda, I am indignantly joining you and Barbara in my TOTAL OUTRAGE over the way that Fred McFeeley Rogers has been arbitrarily dismissed.
      However, I'm not just semi upset.....I am smoke-pouring-out-the-ears, ready-to-plant-my-foot-on-someone's-behind, eyes-glowing-red FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      thanks for letting me vent....

        1. YARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Too bad about Mr. Rogers, but I'm still hoping very much for the Four Chaplains on next year's bracket!

  7. Pleased to learn the results of the super secret retreat. I an only imagine the security involved, I wonder if you used Superman's Fortress of Solitude as your venue? As one of the Faithful Few, I am a bit concerned that the members of the Supreme Executive are almost becoming dare I say..."Friends"...That Must Have Been some Retreat!!!


    1. I have NO idea what their reason is for not including Mr. Rogers except that he is not on any Episcopal calendars. I could pencil him in on mine. would that count?

  9. I would like to nominate..... drum roll.... Saint Guinefort. I think it would encourage all of God's creatures.