An All Saints' Dance!

November 1, 2013
Scott Gunn

The Supreme Executive Committee wishes to extend a Happy All Saints' Day greeting to you and yours. Of course, for people in the know, this day is really The Feast of Golden Halo Winners and Their Companions. We managed to get some video of George Herbert, C. S. Lewis, Mary Magdalene, and Frances Perkins enjoying a dance. Winners of the Golden Halo in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, they are partying while they wait to welcome the next lucky saint into the super-elect company of Lent Madness champions.

This is a good time to suggest that you should probably spend the rest of November and all of Advent working on your brackets. To get you in the mood, enjoy more videos on the Lent Madness channel over at Vimeo. You might also enjoy some videos from A Nun's Life, which inspired the SEC to get this scene on film.

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Golden Halo winners dance

Golden Halo winners dance


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14 comments on “An All Saints' Dance!”

  1. And I'll bet they all went to Village Inn (located in scenic West Heaven) for pie and coffee after. Yee-ha! Yee-halo!

  2. Anybody up for a spin-off on Lent Madness called Advent Sanity? Not sure how it would work, but I hear a lot of us dreading the post-Halloween Christmas Craziness, and the let-down when the Christmas season actually arrives.

    1. Like it! We've forgotten December 24/25th is just the beginning of the Christmas Season. For those of us that would like to capture the good old days, focusing on Advent as preparation would be a good start.

    2. I think it would be a great idea to have an Advent calendar of saints. We could also go through Christmas to Epiphany.

  3. Mandatory square dancing in heaven??? Please, dear God, NOOOOOO! And don't tell me that George Herbert is packing two six-shooters there!!

  4. Wow, I truly live in an awesome time. I have never had a better All Saints Day "Ho Down” Lent is truly alive in my heart and my toes are tapping to the beat! Thank you Supreme leaders

  5. I agree with Barbara - they did not look happy. I did think Mary Magdelene was showing quite a bit of leg.

  6. The Cathedral will have 1st Friday service at 6pm where I will offer prayers for the strangest dancers ever seen and the SEC who thought up this novel and really strange All Saints celebratory offering.

  7. Wonderful! Many thanks SEC! ( & I think it was the hat that cinched the Cooper resemblance) Love the Saint Advent to Epiphany idea--I'll buy one!

  8. For some technical reason, I'm unable to watch this video, can anyone with more expertise check this out and maybe fix it/tell me why?