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March 12, 2014
Scott Gunn

In this morning's email from Lent Madness global headquarters, there was a broken link to the voting page. While voter turnout has been decent, the Supreme Executive Committee is concerned that some fans might not find their way over to the polling place. So here is the correct link: Please share it widely on social media, bulletin boards, windshield flyers, bumper stickers, and billboards.

Morris the CatAs an homage to Facebook's popular Throwback Thursday, we thought we would provide some retro images to encourage you to vote. If you're of a certain age, the name "Maurice" conjures images of a television star from days of yore: Morris the Cat. Sure, it's spelled differently, but they sound the same.

old whaleAnd of course, David of Wales is easy. We've provided a handy antique picture of whales. Hey, it was either going to be this or Welch's grape juice in reference to the Welsh. We made the right choice, I think you'll agree.

If you are worried about remembering to vote, you can sign up for daily emails. Just put your email address in the little box over there on the right side of our website and hit the subscribe button. In the event there's a problem with either our email or your overly aggressive spam filter, make sure you have a backup plan. Here are several ways to remember to vote each day:

  • Buy a purple alarm clock and set it for 8:00 a.m. Eastern time.
  • Like us on Facebook and see the daily posts, as well as regular updates.
  • Follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-second news.
  • Tell your priest or minister to call you each morning. She or he has nothing better to do than activate the parish calling tree to get out the Lent Madness vote. Tell them we said so.
  • If your town has tornado or civil defense sirens, call the mayor and ask that they sound every day of Lent to call people to vote.

Will F. D. Maurice get a cheshire grin as David goes extinct like a whale? Or will David gobble up F. D. Maurice only to vomit him out on the shores of defeat? Your vote will decide the outcome. Vote now (but only once per person!).


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30 comments on “Your Vote Counts”

  1. Somehow, by tinkering with the site it was possible to vote earlier. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Today I keep getting an ERROR 404 message, but in the past I had to click on "see comments" and THEN I was able to vote

    1. That is because of the broken link in the email. Go to the link in the first paragraph of the post and it will take you to the right page.

    1. If you voted on the website, you voted, so don't vote again or the SEC will be displeased.

  3. The image of Maurice was not sized correctly. I know this is a small issue, but it was strange to see a big dark box where the image should have been. I know Tim has had some difficulties with this isssue, and it isn't a big deal. However, I did find an image of F. D. Maurice as a George Clooney look alike, kind of.

  4. I went on a pilgrimage to Wales a few years ago. It was wonderful. We stayed in the town of St. David and attended St. David's Cathedral on Trinity Sunday. We visited a number of 'thin' places throughout the country - wells and very old churches. Back in the day, 3 (if I remember correctly) pilgrimages to St. David's was equal to one pilgrimage to Jerusalem. My vote goes to David!

  5. I am having trouble voting from my phone or iPad. Me husband votes easily on the desktop computer. I will keep trying, because I don't want to lose my vote in these weighty matters. I get the error message.

    1. I've voted by iPhone 4 for several days with no problem. You might want to check to make sure your iPad is properally connected to the Internet via wi-fi or, if you have the iPad with the ability, your carrier's mobile data signal.

  6. Hey! Someone tell me where I can purchase a purple alarm clock and I will happily buy it!

      1. funny pj! i have a purple "plug in the wall can't walk around phone" for when the electricity goes out in new orleans. so it has nothing to do with a purple alarm clock, but perhaps i should bring it out for Lent...

    1. I always thought it was just me. It took me a while the first year to realize that I had to click on the blue heading at the top of the page to be sent to the voting page. You just can't vote on the first page.

  7. Almost as important as voting is capitalization. Cheshire is a place name and whether using it to modify a cat or a cheese it should be capitalized.

  8. Speaking of voting irregularities, sometimes when I check the results, the sum of the votes cast for each saint does not equal the total votes. Very strange.

  9. If there was a low turnout of voters on Tuesday I bet it was because people didn't want to vote for either of those "saints".I surely didn't.

  10. OK, I wish to assure you that I assiduously watched the Voting 101 video, and even though, as Tim pointed out, it was really hard :>), I did find the voting button. I carefully selected my choice, put the cursor squarely on the VOTE button, and clicked. What came up was not a cartoon "Congratulations" as shown in the video, but the voting results. Yes, I'm really, really, really sure I hit the VOTE button and not the results link. Is this what is supposed to happen, or will I be forever tortured by remorse that my votes for Anna Cooper, Antony of Egypt, and David of Wales were by some abberation not registered?

    By the way, I'm really impressed by Archbishop's Update. It is really quite difficult to get Thomas Cranmer and John Chrystostem to appear live anywhere these days....

  11. I know there are some who would like to see "Mr. Rogers" among the 2015 contestants. It has recently come to my attention that he regularly attended an Episcopal parish near his summer home, and said parish now has a stained glass window of him in nave near his pew. I want to say that the parish is St. Paul's Nantucket, but I'm not sure. The source of my info about the window which has the name of the parish is at home, and I'm not.

    Other people who should be considered for 2015:
    Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt, who has much in common with last year's Golden Halo winner
    Saint Cædmon (see

  12. The vote button in the email has never worked. It was just dim for me and would do nothing so I just found my way to the website. Today's problem was different. For me it produced a 404 error when I tried to click through to the website *via* the email. Sorry I did not let you know earlier.

  13. Yes, my vote counts, but I do wonder can y'all count? Call me pendantic but bad math just fries my chicken. Especially when it comes to basic addition.

    If you look at the number of votes cast for Antony of Egypt plus the number of votes cast for Mary of Egypt do NOT equal the stated total number of votes cast. Just look at the last digit in each number and tell me how your math can be correct!

  14. Dead or alive, in my native Massachusetts we learned to vote early and often.
    Howsomever, it is most especially difficult to find the proper button and its location.

  15. about the counting and the addition, please look at Basil vs Christina, Alcuin vs Ephrem, and David vs Maurice.