Lent Madness love from NPR

npr_logo_rgbIf you woke up to the sound of Tim's voice this morning, we apologize. If your commute was rudely interrupted by talk of Lent Madness, we're sorry. If you spilled your skinny latte all over yourself and nearly drove your Volvo off the road at the mention of the Golden Halo, we're not liable (according to the Lent Madness Legal Team).

Such are the vagaries of having a story about Lent Madness appear on National Public Radio's Morning Edition. Reporter Deena Prichep spoke with Tim and then met the Lent Madness fanatics at St. Gabriel's Church in Portland, Oregon, a couple of weeks ago and the resulting story aired this morning.

We hear from St. Gabriel's vicar, the Rev. LouAnn Pickering, along with some folks who are "representing" one of the 32 saints in this year's bracket. unnamedSure, there's some confusion between which of the Wesley brothers wrote all those hymns (we know it was Charles), but the sense of participatory joy comes through loud and clear.

Whoever wins this year's bracket, Lent Madness 2014 will go down as a devotion that shows no partiality when it comes to media coverage. What other Lenten devotion can claim it was covered by both FOX News and NPR? Talk about Red State/Blue State ecumenism!

To listen to the story, click here.

Thanks to all of you who continue to embrace this madness in the spirit in which we intend -- as a devotion to help introduce or re-introduce some pretty amazing folks who have served Jesus in their own way and in their own day. Sure, we have some fun along the way and, of course, Lent Madness isn't for everyone (certainly not the humorless). But, as Scott likes to say, "If you don't like it, go start your own online Lenten devotion."

In the meantime, please help us continue to spread the word about Lent Madness by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and illicitly making copies of the bracket at your office and then dropping then from a helicopter over your neighborhood. We'll see you tomorrow as Phillips Brooks takes on Catherine of Siena.


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19 comments on “Lent Madness love from NPR”

  1. As my husband says, "Those Episcopalians; they'll infiltrate everywhere." (Now if Scott Simon talks about Lent Madness this Saturday, we'll *know* we've arrived!)

    1. LOOOVE Scott Simon. His on air essays on the three Saturdays after 9/11 left me in a puddle. And his essay on the 25th anniversary of the challenger disaster also left me speechless.

  2. Yes, I posted the link on Facebook this morning. And just after that, a few minutes before nine, I heard the interview. Nice work.

  3. Tim. I suspect that just behind that sour demeanor, pressing against your teeth, pushing at your cheeks, so that containing it is far more effort than it's worth not to mention unhealthy, a smile is fighting to get out.
    Let the smile have it's day. It takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile. Give your face a break. I hope this isn't your pulpit face. You may well scare your flock into an early graying.
    Peace out,
    Madeleine Baier

    1. Give the guy a break! Can you not see the dental equipment behind him in the photo above?

  4. ok LM people- it is PHILLIPS Brooks. NOT Phillip or Philip. i loved the interview. did not spill my coffee. i have no access to a helicopter.....

  5. Are you implying that only volvo driving, white wine drinking, San Francisco liberals (1) listen to Normans/or (2) play March madness?
    If so count me in

  6. It seems COMPLETELY natural to me that LM is on NPR. WOOHOO for evangelism! You all (and we voters) (and ALL THE SAINTS) rock.

  7. Not only did I "like" Lent Madness on FB, but I shared the link to NPR and I claimed St. Lydia as my patron saint, as I am a fiber artist. You guys rock!

  8. The day Lent Madness gets a mention on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" is the day I'll know that Lent Madness has reached maximum coolness.

  9. We are Episcopalians, but the word Episcopalian should NEVER precede church or priest. I expect better of NPR. It is The Episcopal Church which has Episcopal priests. Why can't non-Episcopalian journalists get this right?

  10. I find it fascinating that a discussion bloomed on NPR's website where the article about LM resides, which discussion seems to feature many who are not regular posters in LM comments.

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    hesitate a whole lot and never manage to get nearly anything done.