Monday Madness -- April 6, 2015

Monday MadnessAs we get started in the Great Fifty Days of the Easter season, most of us are still basking in the glow of Lent Madness 2015, with its epic final battle between two worthies, Francis of Assisi vs. Brigid of Kildare. Francis earned his golden halo, and in today's episode of Monday Madness, Tim and Scott talk about the first-ever silver halo awarded to Brigid. That's not all. They talk about some exciting new items for the Lentorium, especially Francis of Assisi mugs and Brigid of Kildare pint glasses. (Order your Brigid pint glass now at the special pre-order price of just eleven bucks and enjoy 16 ounces of beer, root beer, or your beverage of choice.)

Last but not least, tune in for details of how you'll be able to nominate saints for the 2016 edition of Lent Madness, which starts in only 310 days. Oh, and you'll notice Scott and Tim tout their favorite baseball teams, both of which won today on Major League Baseball's opening day.

As you try to stave of Lent Madness Withdrawal until it's time for the next season, we encourage you to watch the entire oeuvre of Monday Madness and Archbishops' Commentary episodes on Lent Madness TV. You should also sign up for email updates over at 50 Days of Fabulous, where the SEC and several Celebrity Bloggers, along with others, will be offering reflections throughout the entire Easter season.


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13 comments on “Monday Madness -- April 6, 2015”

  1. (Laughingly) Since today is basically Opening Day, and the first real day of summer, I need to put this in baseball parlance. It looks to me like St. Francis was a ringer, brought in to to give his team the unfair advantage. In order to get a fair test of his actual strength, he needs to go up against an entire of all-stars, and not just rookies. Or - does he have the guts to go up against the likes of Augustine, Paul, Anthony, and so forth and so on?

    Just do darn much fun this year. I think maybe we should know the line-up early, so that there could be some unfair lobbying.

  2. Did you know, that the pint glass should be 20 oz NOT 16.
    It is an imperial pint.
    She is Irish, remember????

  3. So grateful to see SEC again today and learn of the FINE FIFTY!! Just in time since I was having severe withdrawal issues. Thanks SEC for continued contact!

  4. If Tim and Scott's favorite baseball teams both won on opening day, then obviously neither of them are Cubs fans - the most true of true believers in fandom.

    1. Only too true Doug. I was born in Chicago in 1938, which makes me a 74 year Cubbie fan, not counting the first 2 years of my life, which is about what it took me to be enlightened as to the mystical attraction of Wrigley Field and all things Cubbie. Through moves to New York City, Toronto, and Upstate NY, the Cubs have ruled.

  5. The SEC may be the only clergy working (working?) today...except those informed today of new saints entered to rest, now planning the last trip of said saints to church with those who loved them.
    yes, another great Lent Madness. even though I lost almost every vote I made.

  6. I somehow fell off the daily updates during the last week or so of Lent Madness, and no, I did not commit voter fraud.
    Just tried to sign up, again and it knows I'm supposed to be there.
    Yes, I checked spam folders. I just fell off somehow.
    Could you all fix it?

  7. I am sadden to say I missed most of Lenten Madness this year. I did what I could. The Lord blessed me with a trip of a life time. Going to Africa was a real retreat. See you next year.

  8. Will be looking for the up coming opportunity to recommend Saints for 2016 Lent Madness.

  9. This was my first Lentmadness (thanks to Scott's editorial suggestion on Feb.1, 2015) and it was fantastic. Changed my whole perspective of the season. Even transformed Easter for me. So 2015 will be a year to remember. Thanks to everyone. I suspect this has been "the beginning of a beautiful relationship".

  10. Great year! My favorite candidate was as winner in all steps, except for the last one. Must be jinxed. Did the same thing in NCAA And the Badgers lost in the finals. learned Looking forward to 2016. Oscar, I hope you will be giving your great insights again then.