Throwback Thursday: Seeking Purple at #GC78

Was it last week or last century that a bunch of Episcopalians gathered in Salt Lake City for the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church? Seems like long ago, but it was just days. At Lent Madness HQ, we dug around in the archives and found this gem for Throwback Thursday. Enjoy the thrill of adventure as the entire Supreme Executive Committee (which is unicameral and yet bicameral, a great mystery) searches far and wide for signs of Lent Madness devotion. Additional hilarity ensues.

Stay tuned for news of the SEC Summer Retreat, at which Tim and Scott will gather in a secure, undisclosed location to discern the bracket for Lent Madness 2016. Thirty-one more saints need to be chosen for the bracket to join Clare, who didn't need any voting irregularities to defeat Chad at a play-in held at General Convention.


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15 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Seeking Purple at #GC78”

  1. St. Francis appears suitably dubious. At least he didn't have to wear an "I'm with Selfie" tee shirt.

  2. Oh joy ! Oh bliss ! Are we having fun yet? Tell Ms. Jane "Hello".

  3. I am delighted to find a posting from Lent Madness tonight! Hooray for uplifting fun!

  4. Love your MADNESS for LENT MADNESS and the way in which you make it so much fun!! A million thanks for endless laughs!!!

  5. I really appreciate your continuing Lent Madness through the year now. These little surprises aid the withdrawal angst.
    I do think you have the angels rolling in the clouds.

  6. OK, you made me laugh hysterically (at work, no less!) with your awesome photo find from the LM vaults: our exalted, er, "President-Elect" of the Lent Madness Fan Club!

  7. I saw you guys at Convention in the halls. I was attending the ECW Triennial Meeting. I was going to behave like a "groupie" but I didn't want to embarrass the church ladies with me. (Can you be embarrassed?) This past lent was my first Lenten Madness and I had great fun. ECW ~ Stir Up The Spirit !CELEBREMOS! Jeanne King ~ Dio of Missouri