Monday Madness -- February 8, 2016

In the last regular episode of Monday Madness before the kickoff of Lent Madness 2016 later this week on Ash Thursday, Tim and Scott remind viewers of a timeless classic video by the mysterious Maple Anglican, the video which explains how to play and how to vote in Lent Madness. It was mentioned earlier today in Lent Madness Voting 101 on this very website. You should watch it now! While you're in the mood, you might also want to watch a more recent video by Forward Movement staffers Hugo Olaiz and Peggy Sanchez about Lent Madness. Hugo is a Celebrity Blogger, and Peggy is a Major Fan.

By watching this week's episode of Monday Madness, you also learn how to cope with the fact that printed Saintly Scorecards sold out. It turns out that unlimited quantities are available electronically, so go ahead and buy the scorecard for your Kindle reader, Nook thingy, or Apple iGizmo.

As shown on TV -- if you count Monday Madness as TV, and who doesn't -- you can also get your own Lent Madness purple mug, purple t-shirt, or Golden Halo flying disc.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow is Mardi Madness Day, the day to invite every single person you know to join in the fun, learning, and adventure of Lent Madness.

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Monday Madness


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4 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 8, 2016”

  1. I still think the Padres are Maple.....but whadda I know? Well, Mardi Gras tomorrow and LENT MADNESS Wednesday....Yeah !

  2. How can I send information about Lent Madness to our parish mailing list. The email form in the Lent Madness website provides spade for only one email address? I considered smoke signals, but the vestry frowned on burning the pews, Thanks.

    1. The best thing would be to use your parish newsletter to encourage parishioners to sign up for the Lent Madness emails themselves. That way, the people who are interested will receive regular updates.