Post a Mug Shot, Win a Saint!

Francis at GCHow would you like to own a real, live (well, cardboard) saint? The Supreme Executive Committee is holding a contest to give away 2015 Golden Halo winner Francis of Assisi. Think about it. How awesome would your life be if Saint Francis joined you at the breakfast table every morning? Or appeared in next year's Christmas card? Or participated in the annual Bring Your Saint to Work Day?

This is the same cardboard cutout that graced the Forward Movement booth at the Episcopal Church's General Convention last summer in Salt Lake City. The same cardboard cutout that people formed lines in front of to take selfies with. And you could own him! And take selfies with Francis every single day! With no pesky lines!

How, exactly can you enter this once-in-a-lifetime contest? It's easy, really. And the odds of winning Lent Madness mugsare MUCH better than Powerball. Simply take a picture with your Lent Madness mug and post it to social media. Double hashtag it #LentMadness #MugShot to insure we see it on our Twitter or Facebook page.

If this is too confusing and you have no idea what a hashtag is, please do NOT contact the SEC for tech support. We're busy. It's Lent. And we run the world's most popular online Lenten devotion. So you can either ask the nearest teenager for advice or simply e-mail your photo to

Don't have a Lent Madness mug? That's an easy fix. There are a variety of them available in the Lentorium. (Note: Though technically not a mug, the SEC has graciously granted dispensation to use a Brigid of Kildare pint glass).

KJS with mugThe deadline to submit entries is March 14. At which point the SEC will make a decision and award Francis to the winner. What is the criteria? Well, the whim of the SEC. But we're looking for the most creative mug shot, however you may define it. And if you can get a mug shot with an actual celebrity, that would be especially impressive.

So go take your mug shot today and who knows? St. Francis of Assisi may just show up in your mail box (some assembly required, live animals sold separately).


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2 comments on “Post a Mug Shot, Win a Saint!”

  1. Good! Nobody's answering but me and 'm getting my nerve to do this. Gee Willikers! Suppose I win....everybody here at the Home will go ape.....Uh! Oh! Can't go there. If I get help, I'm gonna get up my nerve and go for it...Oh! Just think..I'll be the only woman in the Home with a saint in my room 24/7.