Top 10 Reasons Lent Madness is Better than the Super Bowl

6a0115709f071f970b013484440a95970cAh, Super Bowl Sunday. The day preachers attempt to squeeze as many football analogies into the sermon as possible. Today, as The Big Game coincides with Luke's version of Jesus' transfiguration, it's clear what took place up on that mountain. After hearing the voice descend from heaven, "This is my Chosen One; listen to him!" Jesus waved a giant foam finger in the face of Peter, James, and John and yelled, "I'm number one!" That's in the spirit of the gospel, right?

Or maybe not.

But nonetheless, we'll still gather around our televisions for kickoff at 6:30 pm with a heaping pile of pre-Lent-so-there's-no-guilt nachos. We'll watch the game, live Tweet the commercials and halftime show, and pray no one gets seriously injured.

Just because we, like Americans everywhere, will watch the Super Bowl, doesn't mean Lent Madness isn't better. So, in the competitive spirit of the day, here are our Top 10 Reasons Lent Madness is Better than the Super Bowl...

10. Our saints are better than your (New Orleans) Saints.

9. Broncos and Panthers? Yeah, St. Francis blessed those animals too.

8. While some of the saintly match-ups may make your head explode, no one's getting a concussion.

7. Scott and Tim never experience "wardrobe malfunctions" when filming Monday Madness.

6. Nobody's scalping Saintly Scorecards (that we know of).

5. Forward laterals are illegal. Forward Movement is not.

4. No one has ever gambled away their life savings betting on Lent Madness.

3. The great saintly Cloud of Witnesses trumps pop-pom waving cheerleaders.

2. Losing in Lent Madness never "deflates" a saint's halo.

1. No more Roman Numerals, NFL? Fine. Enjoy Lent Madness VII.

By the way, if you send the SEC a million dollars, we'll give you 30 seconds of air time during Lent Madness.

It's only four days until the start of Lent Madness VII on Ash Thursday. We hope you have your jerseys purchased and Lent Madness Parties (with suitably penitential snacks) all planned. Enjoy the Super Bowl, but then be ready to join us for a wild, joyous, and educational ride through Lent.


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24 comments on “Top 10 Reasons Lent Madness is Better than the Super Bowl”

    1. Statue is NOT in front of an Episcopal Church. It was in front of the megachurch Solid Rock Church in Monroe, OH (north of Cincinnati on I-75; in 2010 lightning stuck Jesus' right hand; not fireproof, burned completely. Caused $800,000 damage - to the statue and building. Church raised the money and replace the statue; one that is fireproof and a different design! Don't know if the 911 calls are still on line to listen particular one has a lady reporting: "Jesus' right hand is it suppose to?"

      1. Why would you not want this picture in front of an Episcopal Church? In this Ecumenical time when
        churches are gathering and rounding up the wagons just to survive, and making themselves more relevant to today's world. In a few years it wont make a lot of difference we will took and the churches, Cathedrals, big religious institutions as real relics of a past. No relation to the new world of unbelievers. Let the infighting go on and watch the congregants move on out.

    2. Official name: King of Kings. Unofficial names: Big Butter Jesus; Touch Down Jesus; Quicksand Jesus.

  1. As far as I'm concerned, the Super Bowl is all about the sausages
    and other spicy beer consumption inducing hor's d'oevers.
    Then there are the mandatory cigars to smoke.
    What a fun game! You can talk about players' mistakes for a whole year.
    Scriptures are still being discussed after 2000+/- yrs.
    I think it would be a lot more honest of Pro Football,
    if violence is really what it is about,
    that the players be issued knives to fight with.
    Everything else about the games reminds me of gladiators.

  2. Am I the only LENT MADNESS loyalist not glued to a TV? Remember this, SEC, as to who your true blue commenter was on Super Bowl 50 Day was. OK, so I'm just waiting for dinner here at the Home and I've got exactly 13 minutes to go. These old folks can get a tad vicious when it comes to their victuals. And don't think about going anywhere near the Media Room where the big screen TV is once 5:30 PM (CST) rings out. Eagerly awaiting the Monday early morning column arrives. Bye, Padres!

    1. You are not alone. I take a nap during the Super Bowl in order to recruit my strength for the coming saintly battles. Hmmm, Monnica or Helena?

    2. I hope you have good cooks at the Home! I spent the afternoon chatting with a friend in the living room while the others watched the Super Bowl elsewhere. God bless you, Aleathia!

  3. Hey, anyone have any extra Saintly scorecards. The SEC must be hoarding them for the price to go up. Forward Movement says they are sold out...right. I won't pay more than double though. in spite of humor, I really would like some if anyone has any. I'll pay for shipping!!!! LOL

  4. The most important question of the day is not who will win or lose but who will Lady Mary Crawley marry, will Anna have her baby and will Edith finally find happiness in D.A. 6.6

    1. I've watched the final season that has already been broadcast on BBC and could answer all your questions. But I won't! Enjoy it all for yourself.

  5. I wasn't glued to the TV yesterday, wasn't even sure who was playing. (It wasn't the Browns so who cares LOL!) I might however have to take a drive down south to see that truly amazing (take your pick whether that's amazingly good or amazingly awful) statue. Filling out my bracket today and counting down to Ash Thursday. Go Monnica!

  6. Disappointed that OHIO STATE wasn't playing, but the beer was good and the green chili stew was delicious. Perfect prelude to stale bread and luke-warm water on Ash Wednesday.