Super Tuesday meets Lent Madness

I Voted Lent MadnessAfter what has felt like an interminable lead-up, it's finally Super Tuesday. People in 13 states across America will be voting in presidential primaries today. To which the Supreme Executive Committee says, "Whatever. The Lent Madness faithful has been voting every day since Ash Thursday."

What you won't find in Lent Madness are any hanging chads (Though Chad of Lichfield has appeared in the Saintly Smackdown). Nonetheless, this is a day to celebrate the democratic process so we are sharing some Lent Madness-style slogans to serve as inspiration for those heading to the polls.

10. Feel the Burn(-ished Golden Halo)

9. It's Morning in America -- which means it's time to vote in Lent Madness

8. Putting Halos Fist

7. I'm with Hilary (of Poitiers)

6. All the Way With MLK

5. Halos We Can Believe In

4. John! (the Baptist)

3. It Takes a Village (to Make a Saint)

2. I Like Mike (the Archangel)

1. Make Heaven Great Again

4440018And remember, active and creative campaigning for your favorite saint is encouraged. But only cast ONE vote. This isn't Chicago.

Hopefully your voting muscles are toughened up from day after day of Lent Madness voting, because the SEC wants you to vote in your local (non-saintly) elections.

PS. If you haven't yet voted in today's matchup between Frances Joseph-Gaudet and John Mason Neale, click here to exercise your right to vote in Lent Madness!


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10 comments on “Super Tuesday meets Lent Madness”

    1. I am from Chicago too and people think I am kidding when I say that, but of course I am not.

  1. The Election Commission takes care of us here at the Home. They sent the precinct officers over here in February for early voting. We just hope they didn't stash the box of votes back in the closet somewhere. I had to try three times to get this column because it kept showing an error and I bet you're gonna have a bunch of "wet chicken" folks complaining tomorrow that they couldn't find it to read it. Here at the Home, we're tough and we never give up or it's curtains ! See ya to vote in the AM..Good blogging!

    1. According to, "Hanging Chad is a chad that is not completely detached from the ballot. A chad is a tiny bit of paper that is punched from a ballot using a punch-type mechanical voting machine. When there is a hanging chad, that vote may not be counted correctly. Chad was made infamous in the highly contentious 2000 United States presidential election where many of Florida votes used votomatic punched card ballots."

      For more info on the United States Presidential election recount of 2000:

  2. Oh, Yay!!! I went to High School in Poitiers (eons ago, military family). Finally, some one knows St. Hilary. Now on to St. Radegonde! I even have a little statue of her - St. Radegonde. You've made my super Tuesday.

  3. Must be nice to get to vote before June. (California resident sadly ponders the fact that we will be well into Pentecost before we are Pente-casting votes.)