Monday Madness: Elate Eight Edition

Tim and Scott preview what's coming with the Elate Eight, also known as the Round of the Saintly Kitsch. Some people, whom we call Kitsch Kranks, are unable to enjoy the humor of this round. For this reason, the Supreme Executive Committee has given the Lent Madness Shema, the two great rules of the Saintly Smackdown that we especially need to hear at this point in the competition.

Twitter celebrity George T. Dog (@georgetdog) makes a brief cameo, and viewers will be delighted to know he's named after the first-ever Golden Halo winner, George Herbert, who claimed the crown in 2010. But that's not the only cameo. Tim went on a field trip to Boston College High School, and the seventh-grade class from BC High take up an important role in this week's action-packed episode.

If seeing selections from the SEC's kitsch collection makes you envious, remember you can buy your own kitsch in the Lentorium.

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BC High Lent Madness


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29 comments on “Monday Madness: Elate Eight Edition”

    1. But isn't there a second word that comes after #Yankees? Starts with an #s or something.

  1. You guys must love baseball. Especially you Scott. I'm anxious for the Elate Eight and the Faithful
    Four to begin. Can't wait to see who will win the Golden Halo!!

  2. As the strains of the organ faded away, I checked in the Lentorium for the music. Another opportunity yet untaken, perhaps?

  3. Baseball, schmaseball. Basketball madness is what matters, even though it ends tonight. Honor the source of your format! Basketball is THE game. (And why didn't we see George?)

    1. Oh, dear, you must have blinked! George's appearance was of the split-second variety. May we request a do-over, SEC? (But you can catch him on Twitter, Nancy.)

  4. I really, really hope Amelia Bloomer makes it into the next round -- wouldn't purple bloomers make a lovely addition to the Saintly Kitsch items?

  5. I love the round of saintly kitsch. Who knew that there are so many wild and wonderful ways to honor the saints of God? Bless you, SEC, and bless the students at BC High for giving us the URL today. And a shout out to GeorgeTDog...always a welcome addition to Lent Madness. Happy Lent.

  6. Best Monday Madness video ever! Congrats, S.E.C. I particularly enjoyed glimpsing George T. Dog. I hope the Famous Ferret might one day make an appearance as well.
    Happy Lent!

  7. Rockies! This is the year!

    Love saintly kitsch... I actually collect rosaries, and my favorite is from Santiago de Compostela. The beads are little scallop shells. They feel nice on the fingers.

  8. A very fine edition of Monday Madness. I loved seeing selections from your personal kitsch collections, and look forward to seeing the saintly kitsch in the Elate Eight.
    Your delivery of the Great Commandments of Lent Madness made me laugh. Great special effects!
    Keep it up, guys.

  9. Go O's! We Nats fans will meet you in the Beltway Series. +
    How about Florence Nightingale Band-Aids?

  10. The other Madness was won by my team. Yea Tar Heels!!! . So far my favorites here have not done so well. I guess you can not win in both.

  11. The definition of "Spy Wednesday" was never divulged in today's episode, and there was a reference by one member of the SEC alluding to the manifestation of this "label." I realize followers could reference the Glossary on the website, but announcing such wisdom from one of the SEC members is such a beneficence.

  12. You shall have to wait until next week’s Monday Madness, which coincidentally will be the Last one, and you now have Two reasons not to miss it!