Monthly Madness: Advent (Mini-Lent) Edition

This is the season of waiting and preparation. We are preparing our brackets for Lent Madness 2018 and waiting for Lenty Claus to come bring us wonderful Lenten gifts. In this month's video episode, Tim and Scott talk about the most sought-after gifts of the season.

Yes, that's right. You'll get inside information on this year's edition of the Saintly Scorecard (buy singles for $3, or buy in bulk for as low as $1 each!) and Giant Bracket Poster (buy one for just $11). Just how many Saintly Scorecards can be stuffed into a purple stocking? This is the year to find out!

If you're sick of hearing Christmas music at the mall, we suggest going out for a nice meal of locusts and wild honey while you listen to monks chanting Advent calls to repentance. Or, if that doesn't sound like fun, order a pizza and binge-watch back episodes of Tim and Scott and their award-(as far as you know)-winning videos.

More seriously, we do hope you'll treasure Advent. This is a wonderful time to focus on our need of a Savior and to share some Good News and hope with the world.

After you shop at the Lentorium, of course!

Remember, Lenty Claus is coming to town.

Lent tree with SEC


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11 comments on “Monthly Madness: Advent (Mini-Lent) Edition”

  1. We Lutherans have moved beyond purple for Advent. We use blue. (Well, most of us do, anyway. There are a few purple holdouts here and there.) 🙂

  2. That is one heck--I mean heaven--of an Advent/Lent tree!
    Happy Advent, y'all. Lent will be here before we know it.

  3. Hey, folks here in backward Alabama we risked that claim to fame and got a New female Priest who was Lutheran to be the Priest here at The Church of the Redeemer! We are not so backward as many of you might think!?!

  4. I've never seen Lenty Claus. Is he dressed in a purple velvet cope and miter with white trim. Hoping to see him at a local mall soon.

  5. Dear Editors,
    Thank you so much for your comments. You always bring a ray of sunshine into my life.
    Please keep writing. I look forward to Lent!