Monday Madness -- Lent Shutdown Edition

After last week's "Monday" Madness on Tuesday edition, you'll be relieved to know that all is again right with the world. Monday Madness has returned to...Monday. This week, Tim and Scott discuss the Lent Madness pre-season, a time when the saints prepare for the Lenten grind that is to come. They're hitting the gym for their saintly workouts, doing Halo Yoga (which is like hot yoga, but holier), and getting their souls into mid-season form.

Also, and most important, the Supreme Executive Committee is considering a Lent Shutdown. How can you avert this looming catastrophe? Well, Tim and Scott, stubborn overlords that they are, are demanding 20,000 likes on the Lent Madness Facebook page. With "only" 17,774 likes, it is critical to get to 20,000 before Ash Thursday. So make sure you invite your neighbors, co-workers, and every single person at your church to head over to the Lent Madness Facebook page and LIKE THAT PAGE. Lent itself hangs in the balance.

It wouldn't be a Monday Madness without mention of the Lentorium, so fear not. Scott and Tim remind you that your go-to source for Saintly Scorecards (single or bulk) and Giant Bracket Posters is online. Buy now to beat the rush. And then make sure to get yourself into tip-top Lenten shape by doing finger curls to strengthen your voting finger. In a close match-up, it could make all the penitential difference!

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7 comments on “Monday Madness -- Lent Shutdown Edition”

  1. Now I not only have to worry about the liturgical (Lenturgical?) issues raised by Valentine's Day/Ash Wednesday, and Easter Sunday/April Fool's Day, I have to worry about a shutdown of Lent Madness? This may be too much! Facebook won't let me do multiple likes, possibly copying the SECs objection to voting more than once. Ohhhh! Pre-Lent woes are piling up.

  2. Only one question: if there is a Lent Shutdown, who will be considered "essential personnel" at LM Headquarters and required to report to work?

  3. You can't have a shutdown! I just got my brother excited about making a bracket! He is going to be away from his family for six months and this will be a fun way to keep him connected to us. People must like! Thank you for this hilarious, educational, and meaningful way to connect during this season of preparation!