Lent Madness Bulletin Inserts!

Some people think of the Supreme Executive Committee as penitence potentates, looking to gain whatever advantage can be gained from the season of Lent. But that's not the only side of the SEC. They also enjoy bestowing gifts upon the Lent Madness faithful. Thus it is, if you are looking to share the Lent Madness love with your entire congregation, the SEC has a gift for you. For the first time ever, we offer you Bulletin Inserts!

We don't think anyone needs instructions, but here's how bulletin inserts work: print them and insert them into your church bulletins. Hence the name.

We guess if you wanted to be subversive about it, you could print a bunch and stick them in:

a) The bulletins of other churches.

b) The Playbill when you finally score tickets to Hamilton.

c) The hidden stash of Super Bowl programs currently sitting in a Minneapolis warehouse.

d) Your neighbors' newspapers.

If nothing else, you will be providing a service to your fellow parishioners who are likely desperate to do something (anything!) other than pay attention to the sermon.

Download the insert right now, fire up your printer, and get ready to shake up your Sunday morning.


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4 comments on “Lent Madness Bulletin Inserts!”

  1. Oh, dear. What does it mean that when I glanced at your second suggestion about the Playbill, I first read it as the title of a certain men's magazine?

  2. Thank you! So much easier than making up my own! More time to set up the yearly bulletin board and plan the annual Lent Madness coffee pause!