Signs of the Season

In parish halls and church entryways across the land, signs of the (Lent Madness) season are all around us. We thought we'd highlight a few displays from around the country that were shared with us via the Lent Madness Facebook page.

Wait, what's that? You don't follow Lent Madness on Facebook? We're shocked! And it probably means you don't follow the world's most popular online Lenten devotion on Twitter either.

Whatever. It's not like our entire self-worth is dependent upon how many followers we have on social media. Though if you DID like us on Facebook and join over 22,000 other Lent Madness fans, it would warm our hearts. Especially if, say, we got to 25,000 likes. But we digress.

Here are a few parishes preparing for Lent Madness in fine form. We encourage you to be inspired by their witness to the Madness. And then let us see your Lenten creativity! You could even message us a picture on Facebook. Or, if you've given up Facebook for Lent, take a photo and send it to us via carrier camel or something.

We like this display at St. James Episcopal Church in Cincinnati, OH, for several reasons. First, the casual product placement of the Saintly Scorecard and purple Lent Madness travel mug. The red banners are reminiscent of martyrs - or maybe Mardi Gras. And finally, the bracket placed on the office window means that it's hiding a staff member. This place has their priorities in order!

At the Cathedral of St. Paul in Erie, PA, they're so into Lent Madness, they bought PURPLE CHAIRS! The SEC doesn't even have purple chairs! We really need to start a Gofundme page to GET TIM AND SCOTT PURPLE THRONES.


We dig the "Coming Soon" sign under the bracket at Faith Episcopal Church in Cameron Park, CA, because it sounds like a threat. Also the fancy plastic holder for the Scorecards are a nice touch. We assume there used to be hundreds of them but now there are only two left because Lent Madness is just THAT popular on the west coast.

Okay, these saintly creations at St. James Cathedral in South Bend, IN, are AMAZING. We're very impressed. And only slightly disappointed that the good folks of St. James didn't put their creative energy into making mini Celebrity Blogger dolls instead.

At St. Andrew's in Wellesley, MA, they posted icons of all the competing saints. That's impressive! Just make sure not to cover up the bracket itself. We're very proud of that thing, and Jesus said not to hide your bracket under a bushel of icons. Or something like that.

Look at those purple streamers at Trinity Church in Matawan, NJ! And the whole purple theme, actually. We love the spirit here. And appreciate the fact that no one ruined the display by trying to hang their coats up on those hangers.

Finally, at St. Paul's in Boulder, CO, everyone is raising their hand to participate in Lent Madness 2020. Or they're trying to give the saints high fives. Either way, we also love that they put up a purplish bulletin board to mark the occasion.

We really are grateful that so many parishes are participating in Lent Madness with great enthusiasm this year. Keep up the good work, everyone! The Madness is getting closer...


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15 comments on “Signs of the Season”

  1. Though not a member of St. James, I say "God bless 'em! " So glad that St. James made the page! Rev. Mary Carsen is a shining gem in the wider community of Westwood. . . not just her parish! I am a member of St. Catharine of Siena, a neighboring Roman Catholic parish, but have worked with the Rev. Mary on a number of neighborhood events. We are blest to have her!

  2. I sign up for lent madness for one reason only, the information about the saints, period. The rest of this "madness" bores me, Facebook, stupid stuff you've been sending lately. I don't care about it and won't even read it.

  3. I, on the other hand, get a big kick out of the SEC banter, the Saintly Kitsch, the comments, and especially last year's home-grown lyrics to favorite hymns. Keep 'em coming, folks!

    1. I love all the comments. I really admire the creativity of the song writers and the poets. Too bad some people don't but they do have the option to not read them.

  4. I made sure our parish had the bulletin insert and the large poster for the parish hall. Our rector faithfully records the winner of each bracket. However, I have never had a Facebook or Twitter account and expect to die happy without them, just as i have lived happily without them.

  5. St Thomas in Huntsville, AL introduced it in Theological Gumbo yesterday with our poster going on the wall in Information Hall, Saintly Scorecards and brackets passed out. Collecting brackets through Wednesday from those who want to be in the running for this year's Golden Halo winner mug.

  6. My sister wants to participate this year, but we can’t find out how to sign her up. It’s not easy to find on your many pages of info. What to do?

  7. I have received every email and post this season. BUT this morning the next group of saints to vote on did not show up in my email.
    This is my 3rd year participating. Did I miss a step? I did get Thomas More and James the lesser post.
    Can you help me?
    Rev Kathleen. Blessings and Peace