Excitement Builds Over Elate Eight

We're just getting started in the Elate Eight, as the field of competitors vying for the Golden Halo has narrowed to just eight saints. Excitement is high, and if you want evidence, look no further than the Cathedral of St. James in South Bend, Indiana. They've made a fantastic trailer to promote voting in the Elate Eight. We love our fans, and we wanted to share with you this great work from ardent fans.

Turn up your sound, make the video full screen, and enjoy!

Lent Madness 2020 - 'The Elate Eight' from Cathedral of Saint James on Vimeo.

If you haven't voted yet, go do that. And tell all your friends and neighbors to take part in the World's Greatest Online Lenten Devotion. We are also the longest-running global bracket competition now at eleven years, since that other basketball bracket thing suspended this year.

Who will win the Golden Halo? That's up to you, the Lent Madness public. It will all be decided in the next few days.

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29 comments on “Excitement Builds Over Elate Eight”

  1. So fabulous and so creative! Love the credit for the artists. Thank you, St. James’ in Indiana, from Patricia who goes to St. James’ in Arlington, Vermont. And I LOVE Lent Madness!

    1. Hi Judith.
      Forward Movement and the Supreme Executive Committee are Episcopalian, which is both Protestant (married priests, women priests, open communion, etc.) and Catholic (liturgy, sacraments, etc.). I consider myself both. At any rate, everyone is welcome to our church, and especially to Lent Madness, so come back again next year, even if we're not sequestering. (I sincerely hope we won't be!) Blessings!

      1. Well explained! I grew up Protestant, married a Catholic and we ended up in the Episcopal Church - they welcomed us and had a nice Coffee Hour! My mom said I had really like the fancy lace vestments of an Episcopal priest at an ecumenical service at my church when I was in the 5th grade - now I are one!!!

  2. Video is brilliant! Thank you for creating the dolls (though one's face reminds me of Cartman from "South Park"), for composing and playing the music: it's a hoot! God bless! Stay well, all Lent Madness players!

    1. Thanks and thanks to all who produced the “Elate 8” video!
      The Saint figures are beautifully done. Please hold onto them!!

  3. Such Fun. Wish my church could Catch the Lent Madness Fever. I'm trying. Maybe next year.

  4. Huge kudos to the Cathedral of St. James!!!! You have taken Lent Madness to a whole new level!!!!!! The SEC should be looking over its shoulders!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video is a game changer!!!!

  5. Oh, behave! (Why is Harriet Tubman dressed like a bishop?) Eric Cartman for the Golden Halo! I have a sudden desire to go to confession . . . This video for the Golden Halo!

  6. That video really captures the tremendous, palpable excitement of the Lent Madness global public, now that we've reached the Elate Eight! Music selection suberb. Hurray for the Cathedral of St James in South Bend, Indiana!

  7. I think I have the match to that pretty porcelain St. Joseph in the post - it's Mary with a little Jesus and a small angel. There is a marking on the bottom that is an "N" under 3 marks that look like a crown. Not my usual style, but so pretty and sacred - lovely for a display of Mary's or on a side altar. She blesses my kitty's (Buddy) room with light lavender walls, fun art, and a Louis the XVI ladies writing desk.