Monday Madness — Elate Eight Edition

We love alliteration here at Lent Madness HQ. So naturally, we’re bringing you the Elate Eight Edition of Marvelous Monday Madness. Tim and Scott are back with another award-winning* episode of Monday Madness, in which they partake in a couple of annual traditions. And not just because they’ve run out of fresh material.

First, there’s a bit of saintly kitsch show & tell, as we enter the round of saintly kitsch. Second, and like unto it, because we’re at the kitsch round, we usually encounter a few Kitsch Kranks, the people who hate this part of Lent Madness. To that end, the SEC gives you the Summary of the (Lent Madness) Law. Again.

Would it even be an episode of Monday Madness without some product placement or high-pressure sales tactics? Now that it’s spring, that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Who better to invoke as the patron saint of spring cleaning than Martha of Bethany, famously overproductive domestic superstar? Fuel up with some caffeine from a Martha of Bethany 2019 Golden Halo winner mug. Your vacuum cleaner will thank you. Your dust mites will not.

* OK, sure, Monday Madness hasn’t won any awards YET. But in our imagination we have several Oscars because they’re so obviously deserved.

This is here for social media sharing. Also, you could use these photos to make fake IDs if you’re trying to bust your way into the SEC’s inner sanctum at a secret, undisclosed coffee shop.

screen grab Monday madness

6 Comments to "Monday Madness — Elate Eight Edition"

  1. Karen Johnson's Gravatar Karen Johnson
    March 22, 2021 - 5:29 pm | Permalink

    I LOVE the saintly kitsch round!

  2. John Hitzeroth's Gravatar John Hitzeroth
    March 22, 2021 - 5:33 pm | Permalink

    The definition of “Spy Wednesday” was never divulged in today’s episode, and there was a reference by one member of the SEC alluding to the manifestation of this “label.” I realize followers could reference the Glossary on the website, but announcing such wisdom from one of the SEC members is such a beneficence.

  3. Ruth Douglas Miller's Gravatar Ruth Douglas Miller
    March 22, 2021 - 6:11 pm | Permalink

    You shall have to wait until next week’s Monday Madness, which coincidentally will be the Last one, and you now have Two reasons not to miss it!

  4. March 22, 2021 - 6:22 pm | Permalink

    Monday Madness lifts my spirits! Thank you SEC!

  5. Fearless Finder in Framingham's Gravatar Fearless Finder in Framingham
    March 23, 2021 - 6:23 am | Permalink

    The Glossary is a tad hard to find (fortunately, i have a search bar and i am not afraid to use it.) You may want to to add a link, as the results bring back posts from bygone matchups. The posts DO have the link to the Glossary. Finding the Glossary is a lesson of diligent, persist and steadfast reading, and worth every click.

    Lent Madness Glossary:

  6. Marti Austin's Gravatar Marti Austin
    March 23, 2021 - 7:43 am | Permalink

    From one Martha to another… way to go Sister.

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