Monday Madness -- February 28, 2022

Anticipation of the start of Lent Madness XIII this Thursday couldn't be higher! Tim and Scott are back with the last pre-season episode of Monday Madness to share some BREAKING NEWS! God and technology willing, a new Lent Madness website will launch today or tomorrow. Hear more about it -- including some hot new features -- on this week's show!

The new website (at this very same URL!) will add many features. It looks great on any device. It has better email delivery features. Perhaps most exciting, it has a built-in feature where you can put in your bracket picks and track your success compared with Lent Madness fans all over the world, nay, the universe.

They also talk about a fun interview with Ryan Dunn on the Pastoring in the Digital Parish Podcast. Ryan is on the denominational communications team for the United Methodist Church, so it was great to build some ecumenical bridges with this whacky devotion.

Lastly, there's a shout-out to David Simmons and his gift to the Lent Madness global viewing public. David has created a sticker sheet that prints on standard Avery 5160 label paper. You can use these stickers to mark up your giant bracket poster if you don't like looking at your own chick-scratch handwriting and prefer the high-quality professional image that Lent Madness deserves.

This is here for social media sharing. You can also print it out and then tape it onto your television so you can pretend there's a Lenten News Network to watch.

screen grab Monday Madness


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19 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 28, 2022”

  1. Very glad to see our own Fr David Simmons recognized for tiding up large posters with elegant stickers!! Yoo-hoo!!!

  2. Love the interview. Yes, I look forward to it every year and have spread the word to my friends who get hooked. I learn so much and your choices always make me do some research. Thanks so much. May you be blessed for all you d.

  3. Thank you, David Simmons, for the ready-to-print labels: our poster will be much neater this year, I'm sure!

  4. Here's a small rant and a request- I WON last year with Harriet Tubman! But church was closed, so I didn't get my cup to lord it over all the other parishioners. No coffee anyway. Well, if any cups are kicking around at Forward Movement, I will gladly pay for it and shipping.
    Harriet RULES!

  5. I've followed this for several years- not only are you two entertaining, this is also very educational. I'm leaning toward Teresa of Avila as a contender, and Gabriel the Archangel as a 3 point shooter (using basketball terms). Blessing!

  6. Este año ¿Será disponible Locura Cuaresmal en español?
    Me gustaría involucrar a nuestra parroquia en el juego,
    pero como parroquia bilingüe, parecería injusto invitar a una mitad y no a la otra.

  7. Is there indeed a way to play online—not just in the daily voting? Not just seeing how one did in the abstract? I thought I heard the web-based bracket system from 2021 was being folded in to the new website. I don’t do Facebook, is that the problem?
    Catherine for Kateri nearly all the way—Drogo for the gold, for whatever our faces look like now after a few years of neglect.

  8. Help. Can't find the sticker sheet to print. The link is not
    working. Is there another place to go?

  9. Hi, I was receiving your emails just fine thru the 28th. But none since. I can not figure out why. I tired to subscribe again but it said the email was already used. I guess I could use another email, but I really want to know why it suddenly stopped working.

    1. We switched to mailchimp then. Some spam filters are pretty aggressive in dumping mailchimp emails in your junk folder. You might look there. If you find it, just mark it "not junk."

  10. Where's the sticker sheet? Nothing opens or links from your pages. Can you email it?