Monday Madness -- March 14, 2022

Gather the kids and make some popcorn, it's time for another episode of Monday Madness. This week, Tim and Scott are back to share some behind-the-scenes details of how they pick the bracket. And they talk about voting woes on the Lent Madness website.

By the way, George T. Dog, who lives with Scott, gets a shout-out too. You might like to follow him on Twitter (@georgetdog), follow him on Instagram (@georgetdog), or like his Facebook page (georgetdog). He's very media savvy.

Whilte Tim and Scott are not as photogenic as George, but you might want to follow @fathertim and @scottagunn on Twitter if you're not already.

This is here for social media sharing or for you to print out in case you want to hang a photo of the Supreme Executive Committee on your fridge.

Monday Madness screen grab


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19 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 14, 2022”

  1. "From a di-rectory to a rectory." Is a di-rectory two rectories with a retaining wall between them?

  2. When is the voting halted? I'm in Pacific (now Daylight Savings)Time. Last Friday late in the evening here I tried to vote. Nothing seemed to happen, so I closed down, reopened, and tried to vote. Again a confused message. So I either voted 0,1,or 2 times! PLEASE when you cite a time, append PDT, or EST, or UT, or ... so that the actual local times are known.
    Thanks.Jim Butler

  3. Wondering why "C.E." is utilized for description of year sequence since such is intentionally religiously neutral and substituted for "a.d." so as not to offend non-Christians.

    Not ever being accused of being too smart, I'll ask on behalf of a friend.

  4. Hello from the snowy North East. Lent Madness has been an eye opening educational spirit lifting journey. Thank you for doing this. Hi George Dog! Hope you come to visit us on another Monday Madness. Good thing it's on Monday, because by Friday my brain is fried.

  5. I really enjoy your contests and learning about these great people who loved Christ so much. It's fun but it's even more thought provoking.
    I lived in Hingham on Highview Drive in in the 60s. Great town.

  6. Thanks for the fun! The check is in the mail-actually the credit card has already processed!

  7. Thank you for this educational and fun program to learn about the Saints and join in the prayers. I heard about Lent Madness late into the Lent Season last year and am glad I joined in the voting this year. Your work is appreciated.

  8. When does voting close on each candidate? I just need to know when it is okay to mark my bracket.

  9. I have had difficulty with accepting the idea of judging people of God but rationalized my participation as not trying to decide who was or is better.

    I tried to balance the perceived impact of holy people on the world and the church in their own places and lifetimes, through the historic evolution of the church and in today's world.

    That is not an easy task; what I may see as positive and negative impacts of people's lives are often difficult to balance.

    The introduction of the Archangel Gabriel in this year's array makes it a completely different task. How can I assess the impact of a heavenly being and messenger of God?

    It may be sacrilege to suggest this comparison but to me it might seem like registering a unicorn in a show of thoroughbred horses. I think the only options might be to disqualify the unicorn or immediately award it the golden horseshoe (or halo).

    The only way I could rationalize participating would be to limit my voting to consideration of mortal saints. I hope I can still learn from the process.

  10. I have been participating in Lent Madness for several years, and I am always impressed with the variety of saints! I appreciate the four categories that you have and many of the 'fun' matchups- such as this years, "Hilary vs. Melania' and 'Felix vs. Oscar!' I often proclaim, 'Who Knew"? Obviously, Frs. Scott and Tim did! I have even been motivated to look a little deeper at a saint that I learned about on Lent Madness! Thank you!!

  11. I found that clicking "view results" before voting gave me trouble. I exited and returned and just voted and it worked fine. Don't know if that was just a one time thing, or if it might help others.

  12. I thought there were two very interesting match ups that have a "connection" to the media and basketball. Felix vs Oscar (as in the Odd Couple) caught my attention right away. Plus it's one of my favorite tv shows/play. Also the matchup between Gonzaga vs Villanova. Hmmm... did they ever dribble a ball for a meditative exercise? 🙂 Lastly, please give George T Dog a pat for me.
    P.S. Has Presiding Bishop Michael made his prediction yet as ato who will receive the 2022 Golden Halo?